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Posted by in Products on Oct 14, 2014 .

There are two things that we are (besides young & hungry, of course) and that is coffee-loving & chronically late! The go-to-cup? Easy, a hemp milk latte. Why late? Traffic. Living each moment to its entirety. A litany of other excuses. Nothing could encapsulate our entire being and lifestyle than our new "Better Latte Than Never" design. 

It is available in women's dolman tee & a french terry, long sleeve scoop neck as well as a unisex / men's tee & crewneck sweatshirt. Don't sleep on these or you might find yourself having to pry them from someone's cold, dead hands.

Posted by in Press on Sep 29, 2014 .

Cooking Channel's Eden Grinshpan of "Eden Eats" was spotted this morning wearing our "Eat Now Diet Later" Muscle Tee on VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live hosted by Nick Lachey. Grinshpan graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in London with the "Grande Diplome" in both Pastry & Cuisine and now travels the world taking viewers of "Eden Eats" on 24-hour food adventures in each city. Make sure to visit EdenEats.com.

Posted by in Young & Hungry on Sep 12, 2014 .

Chef Mary Mattern is a plant-based chef, food artist, lover of vegetables, cookbook author, and instagrammer @NomYourself. Only 28 years old and from New York, Mary has toured with Ellie Goulding as her personal chef, has been a sous chef alongside some famous chefs, and has even cooked for our favorite agent, Ari Gold of HBO’s Entourage (a.k.a. Jeremy Piven in real life). More photos and inspirational story after the jump!

Posted by in Food on Sep 01, 2014 .

This week The Daily Mail put out their annual list of the Top 101 Pizza Pies in the United States. Using a panel of 78 experts (still not sure why we weren't considered for this position) and 700 pies, they sorted out a list that includes locations in 30 of 50 states. Local to us is #80: Pizza Brain (2313 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125) who made their way onto the list with their "Forbes Waggensense" pie so we had to give it a try.

Posted by in Young & Hungry on Aug 31, 2014 .

Friend and fellow pug-owner, Lauren Rodgers (otherwise known as “Lo”), left a comfortable job at a major surf & art clothing label in Los Angeles to pursue her dream of jewelry design. Known for her spiked friendship bracelets, Lo’s work has been featured in Elle and Nylon magazines as well as on young models and celebrities such as Cory Kennedy, Jillian Kate, and Audrey Kitching.

Posted by in Press on Aug 29, 2014 .

BuzzFeed has the hottest, most social content on the web. They feature breaking buzz and the kinds of things you'd want to pass along to your friends which is why we are beyond honored that decided to feature our "I Like Pizza More Than I Like People" Tee today on their list of 17 Essential Products Every Pizza Lover Needs in their Life. We're #16!

Posted by in Food on Aug 29, 2014 .

We spent a long weekend in Newport, Rhode Island and stayed at The Jailhouse Inn (highly recommended for anyone looking for a little paranormal excitement). As any Hungerlust travelers of our ilk would do, we spent most of the trip looking for the best seafood in town. There was a plethora of lobster on the Island to be had and I was not leaving any variety of the crustacean unturned or uneaten for that matter. The journey began with a 1.25 lbs lobster served the traditional way, with a slice of lemon and a tub of butter, amongst the locals at Benjamin’s. To say that the claws and tail were plentiful would be an understatement. The...

Posted by on Aug 27, 2014 .

UPDATE: So now that the laminate flooring is down, it is time that we progress to the wall framing. The framing is important to the interior as not only will it hold up what we plan to cover the walls with but also serve as strength for shelving, displays, and clothing racks. What makes things a little tricky is that it's a box truck so things inside are not necessarily perfect measurement wise by any means and there's a ton of intricacies in design that calls for a lot of strategy. Also you're dealing with a fairly thin aluminum body that you don't want to drill outside of. Yet despite the hardships and challenges faced, we prevailed and now the left side (strong side) is complete. 

Posted by in Press on Aug 26, 2014 .

@shannonmarsico, a resident of the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philly, has been exploring the city for over three years trying out the different foods that Philadelphia has to offer.  A lover of burgers, tacos (she even has a taco tattoo!) and ice cream, Shannon often shares what she eats on her blog, shannonlikesstuff.com. More after the jump!

Posted by in Food on Aug 25, 2014 .

Happy 4th Birthday to Duncan. He is the one that folds & ships all of your shirts (reason you might find a few hairs... sorry!), keeps up company morale, crushes pizza, has his "pug mug" on shirts, and is our best bud. Here he is in all his glory, enjoying his traditional Birthday (Pizza) Pie!