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Posted by in Hungerlust on Mar 13, 2015 .

Dottie's Donuts are the best vegan donuts in Philadelphia and some would even suggest the best donut in the city. The donuts are light and layered with different flavors such as the ones we sampled: Hibiscus, Blueberry Spearmint, Lemon Poppy, and Cinnamon Sugar. For those unfamiliar with "vegan" (meaning no ingredients came from animals, ie. milk & eggs), you would be doing yourself a serious injustice by allowing a label to detter you from trying these delicious donuts. Instead ingredients like coconut milk are substituted in. Right now they're available through Philly coffee shops like Grindcore House and Elixr as well as Brew HaHa! in...

Posted by in Press on Mar 12, 2015 .

TwoLittleBirdersWanderWest.com - Lattes make the world a better place. Seriously. As most of you know I’m a chai tea latte-oholic. Spiced or vanilla…it doesn’t matter which way I order it as long as I have a warm foamy chai tea latte with almond milk (or coconut milk depending on the coffee shop) I am a happy camper. This is a luxury I pamper myself with if I’ve done well on a test at school or sometimes when I need a little pick me up at work around 3pm (which according to my nutritionist, having caffeine at 3pm is bad news bears….maybe I’ll write about that next time…it’s real interesting what it does to your body...

Recently we were found our "Always Down for Tacos" Jersey Tee in the famous fashion magazine, Elle (Sweden). 

Posted by in Products on Nov 12, 2014 .

twolittlebirdswanderwest.com - Lets be real for a quick sec. Deep down (some deeper than others) there is a joyous fat kid that lives inside each and every one of us, and he/she loves to make their presence known in the toughest of times. Like when there is a hot, sizzling bbq chicken pizza sitting in front of you, and everything is telling you no, walk away, but they are screaming DO IT! Since my shirt does read “eat now, diet later” I thought it was only fitting to talk about food. I hate the word diet. In all honesty it scares the living out of me. So rather than diet, and starve myself (because that’s seriously what it feels...

Posted by in Press on Nov 09, 2014 .

Our Cold Pizza for Breakfast T-shirt is featured in the November 2014 issue of NYLON Magazine, on newsstands now. NYLON is the most awesome magazine in the world and covers topics such as art, beauty, music, design, celebrities, and fashion. We are very honored to be in the issue with Leighton Meester on the cover. Make sure to grab a copy on-line or at your local Barnes & Noble.

Posted by in Products on Nov 09, 2014 .

We have a thing for pizza, if you didn't notice already from our pizza t-shirts and sweatshirts. Well our creatives thought we would take the relationship to a whole new level, developing a pair of realistic pizza socks. Pizza socks, so you know it's real.

Posted by in Press on Nov 07, 2014 .

A video lookbook of a selection of Pyknic goods is now available for your viewing pleasure thanks for the direction & camera work of NYC based Molly Goldrick and model / blogger @ShannonMarsico of ShannonLikesStuff.com.

Posted by in Products on Oct 14, 2014 .

There are two things that we are (besides young & hungry, of course) and that is coffee-loving & chronically late! The go-to-cup? Easy, a hemp milk latte. Why late? Traffic. Living each moment to its entirety. A litany of other excuses. Nothing could encapsulate our entire being and lifestyle than our new "Better Latte Than Never" design. 

It is available in women's dolman tee & a french terry, long sleeve scoop neck as well as a unisex / men's tee & crewneck sweatshirt. Don't sleep on these or you might find yourself having to pry them from someone's cold, dead hands.

Posted by in Press on Sep 29, 2014 .

Cooking Channel's Eden Grinshpan of "Eden Eats" was spotted this morning wearing our "Eat Now Diet Later" Muscle Tee on VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live hosted by Nick Lachey. Grinshpan graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in London with the "Grande Diplome" in both Pastry & Cuisine and now travels the world taking viewers of "Eden Eats" on 24-hour food adventures in each city. Make sure to visit EdenEats.com.

Posted by in Young & Hungry on Sep 12, 2014 .

Chef Mary Mattern is a plant-based chef, food artist, lover of vegetables, cookbook author, and instagrammer @NomYourself. Only 28 years old and from New York, Mary has toured with Ellie Goulding as her personal chef, has been a sous chef alongside some famous chefs, and has even cooked for our favorite agent, Ari Gold of HBO’s Entourage (a.k.a. Jeremy Piven in real life). More photos and inspirational story after the jump!