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No, I am not Vegan. At home I eat vegetarian and if I'm out, I'll typically choose something that does have meat in it... not because I'm in dire need but because that is just what I have been accustomed to growing up. I think Vegans get a bad rap. In the media they are portrayed as "militant" and their food as "sludge". Both could not be further from the truth but it is human nature to hear something and just run with it as belief. Even though I'm not Vegan, I really get a thrill out of taking friends and family's reaction going to a Vegan restaurant and having them leave not only satisfied with the portions (I guess the popular...

Posted by in Press on Jul 22, 2014 .

We are always pushing the envelope over here when it comes to wearable food and art for that matter. The latest creation out of our "kitchen" is the Pizza Bikini, as worn above by Miss Malibu 2012, Brittany McGowan. Sounds like something Mugatu from Zoolander would have designed, right? We're on that level right now.

Cheese, pepperoni, and red sauce make up the pizza print on this stylish swimsuit and we can assure you no animals were harmed in the making of the bikini! So what are you waiting for? You'll be the hottest thing on the beach or poolside since... pizza! 

More photos after the jump.

Posted by in Press on Jul 21, 2014 .

Two Little Birds Wander West are a duo of free-spirited bloggers, Bree and Makenzie, from California. They are not only on a hunt for adventure and a healthy/fashionably good time but also "hungry" in pursuit of their dreams in the acting, singing, and modeling world. 

This past Sunday they celebrated "National Ice Cream Day" by styling our "Ice Cream is Cheaper than Therapy" Dolman Tee. Bree, modeling the shirt, notes that her favorite flavor is peanut butter ice cream.

Make sure to follow them on Instagram at @twolittlebirdswanderwest or their blog, twolittlebirdswanderwest.com!

More photos after the jump!

Posted by in Press on Jul 15, 2014 .

Lauren Kawano [ @Laurenkawano ] is 21 years old and chasing her dream to make it big in the fashion/style blogging world. The Boise, Idaho native is living proof that one does not need to live in Los Angeles or New York City in order to do something in the fashion industry.

Lauren prides herself in what she calls a strange style: "I'm girly and love floral and dresses and wide brim hats but I also love to rock a cut off tank like those from Pyknic. My go to color is always black. Black high waisted jeans, black hats, blah bags and of course black leather boots (those are key)."

More photos after the jump.

Posted by in Food on Jul 11, 2014 .

Nothing too drastic has changed since we left our offices in NJ to our new headquarters down 95 except for the fact there are no good bagels to be had around these parts. Bagels are a fact of life in New Jersey and are standard breakfast fare. There's always a bag full of a variety of bagels in the kitchen awaiting to be toasted then smothered in cream cheese or butter before stepping out for school or work. In the summers, the bagel shop is the first stop before heading out to the beach.

Distance does make the heart grow fonder especially when Yelp is claiming the best bagel in town is the chain, "Manhattan Bagel". Apparently the...

Posted by in Food on Jul 10, 2014 .

In-N-Out has always reigned supreme as far as we're concerned but Danny Meyer's "Shake Shack" is certainly narrowing the gap between the West Coast's Hamburger Heaven and the rest of the field. Shake Shack is consistent. It offers simple & honest food using natural ingredients within the confines of a modern Americana / "roadside" atmosphere. 

The burgers are certainly something to marvel at. On this trip, the "Smokeshack" was the weapon of choice: "a cheeseburger topped with Niman Ranch applewood-smoked bacon, cherry-pepper relish, and ShackSauce." Immediately you find yourself caught up in a whirlwind of ecstasy launched by the...

Posted by in Press on Jul 09, 2014 .

Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, Allison Nicole a.k.a. "mindfreezed", chronicles her life via mindfreezed.com and describes herself as an "ordinary girl, with a twist of rebellion, a dash of passion, and no regrets". Allison's radical personal style would lead one to believe she was from the West Coast but she's proof that the Northeast can hang too! Most recently she styled our Ice Cream is Cheaper than Therapy Crop Top as her outfit of the day. More photos after the jump.

Posted by in Food on Jun 11, 2014 .

The Caipirinha [ky/pee/REE/nyah]: sure it may take some practice in pronouncing if you are not fluent in Portuguese but the "juice is worth the squeeze". This past weekend of CNN / Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown he visited the nation about to host the 2014 World Cup, Brazil, and based on the drinks Bourdain enjoyed on both land and sea in Bahia, you would have believed the caipirinha was neck and neck with soccer as the South American country's national past time.

So what is a caipirinha made of? Cachaça, sugar, lime, and crushed ice; shaken, not stirred. Cachaça is the national liquor of brazil and is derived from fresh sugarcane...

Posted by in Food on Jun 09, 2014 .

This past weekend's plans called for a visit to HipCityVeg's new vegan cafe and bar, Charlie was a Sinner, in Philadelphia's Midtown Village. An hour-plus wait for the hot, new location diverted us, along with the Philly Vegans, south on Broad to East Passyunk's Vegan Commissary.

Pictured above: Meatballs & Mac.

Vegan Commissary is a lot different than its carnivorous and prominently Italian eatery neighbors. Their menu is written in chalk on the wall and is constantly changing. Also initially you will find their prices to be very odd since each ends in a random cent value. It turns out that each menu item's price already...

Posted by in Press on Jun 06, 2014 .

Recently we had two of our styles, Death Before Decaf Coffee Dolman Tee and Ice Cream is Cheaper Than Therapy Mint Tanktop, featured by the most awesome magazine in the world, Nylon.