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Posted by on Aug 27, 2014 .

UPDATE: So now that the laminate flooring is down, it is time that we progress to the wall framing. The framing is important to the interior as not only will it hold up what we plan to cover the walls with but also serve as strength for shelving, displays, and clothing racks. What makes things a little tricky is that it's a box truck so things inside are not necessarily perfect measurement wise by any means and there's a ton of intricacies in design that calls for a lot of strategy. Also you're dealing with a fairly thin aluminum body that you don't want to drill outside of. Yet despite the hardships and challenges faced, we prevailed and now the left side (strong side) is complete. Next comes a tricky right side that features a roll-up "service window".

Posted by in Press on Aug 26, 2014 .

@shannonmarsico, a resident of the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philly, has been exploring the city for over three years trying out the different foods that Philadelphia has to offer.  A lover of burgers, tacos (she even has a taco tattoo!) and ice cream, Shannon often shares what she eats on her blog, shannonlikesstuff.com. More after the jump!

Posted by in Food on Aug 25, 2014 .

Happy 4th Birthday to Duncan. He is the one that folds & ships all of your shirts (reason you might find a few hairs... sorry!), keeps up company morale, crushes pizza, has his "pug mug" on shirts, and is our best bud. Here he is in all his glory, enjoying his traditional Birthday (Pizza) Pie!

Posted by in Press on Aug 19, 2014 .

Food Legend and Fanatic, Adam Richman, pictured in our Pyknic Death Before Decaf Tee. Adam was the star of the Travel Channel's Man v. Food, where he would travel to various eateries around the United States to sample unique cuisine and take on an eating "challenge" at the end of every episode. He retired from food challenges in 2012 but that hasn't stopped him. Most recently he has become the host of one of our new favorite television programs: NBC's Food Fighters

Posted by in Press on Aug 18, 2014 .

@cookingwithkaceytess is Kacey Taylor and she shares her love of cooking in Utah with others around the world by offering healthy vegetarian & pescatarian dinner ideas via Instagram and KaceyTess.com.

Posted by in Food on Aug 17, 2014 .

Becoming recent fans of "Best Bars in America", a show on Esquire, comedians/hosts Jay Larson and Sean Patton reintroduced us to the Tiki Bar via their stops in cities across the nation. We have an affinity for anything Polynesian due to time spent in Maui, Hawaii and Disney's Polynesian Resort. A "Tiki Bar" is typically outfitted with Polynesian decor and serves elaborate, tropical cocktails. When we heard about the opening of "The Yachtsman" at 1444 Frankford Ave in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia it was imperative that we paid tribute to the Moai.

Posted by in Products on Aug 15, 2014 .

There is only one way to get your hands on one of our new "Death Before Decaf" or "Eat Now Diet Later" Stickers and that is by placing at order in our shop (meaning don't e-mail us about them)! A free sticker, possibly even both, accompanies every order leaving our warehouse. Not only are they high quality vinyl and waterproof but also won't be harmed by the sun's UV rays!


Posted by in Products on Aug 08, 2014 .

It's no secret that our "Death Before Decaf" varieties are some of our most popular, even NYMAG's Bedford + Bowery took note. We can never seem to hold onto these Women's Death Before Decaf Dolman Tees but we're not complaining... good problems, right? Make sure to get yours before they're gone again like this morning first cup of coffee.

Posted by in Music on Aug 07, 2014 .

It's no secret that over here we are very partial to the genius of Vampire Weekend and all that encompasses the group. SBTRKT (pronounced "subtract") of London has a new track on his upcoming album, Wonder Where We Land, featuring Vampire Weekend vocalist Ezra Koenig. What is a secret is SBTRKT's idenity (unless you google) as he wears modern interpretations of native society ceremonial masks to allow the music to speak for itself.

Well "New Dorp. New York." has spoken and we love it. Video After the Jump.

Posted by in Press on Aug 07, 2014 .

Beauty Vlogger, animal lover, and free spirit, Nicole Guerriero (nguerriero19 on Youtube) was showing off Ulta beauty products and so happened to be wearing the Pyknic Eat Your Heart Out Crop T-shirt. Video After the Jump.