Clothes & Pizza - City Slickers Take on Mountain Living

Clothes & Pizza - City Slickers Take on Mountain Living

Pyknic Lasagna Del Rey Tee on Fashion Blogger, @clothesandpizza

hi, i am abby (@clothesandpizza). i wore red cowboy boots & a vintage wedding dress on my kindergarten class picture day and i've been playing dress up ever since. i'm a big fan of vintage hunting, designer sales, and chowing down on a slice (deep dish for life).

@clothesandpizza for Pyknic in Colorado

If you follow my Instagram, you probably know that a few weeks ago we flew to Colorado to spend some time in the mountains with our dear friends. My huzb grew up in Denver, so we try to get out there a few times a year. We drove from Denver to our friends' mountain house near Bailey and stayed there over 4th of July weekend. Four days of unreliable wifi was both a blessing and a curse. But we ate some insanely good food (two words: breakfast nachos) and got into a fair share of liquor-fueled-shenanigans. Thank you to our talented buds who cooked for us!

@clothesandpizza hiking the mountains in colorado

Vintage Red Pickup Truck in Colorado mountains

I'm not a big "jeans and a tee" gal on a daily basis, so it's always difficult for me to pack for trips like this. I love the Wet-Hot-American-Summer-vibe of the ringer tee—something about being in nature always takes me back to summer camp. Thankfully this experience had less mosquito bites and cabin pranks. I love that this tee would also work with some wide leg jeans, printed flares, or even overalls. The shirt itself is super soft, and also holds up really well in the wash (although I can't wait for it to show some wear and tear).

Pyknic Soul Food Vintage Style Comfy Crewneck Sweatshirt Jumper

When the sun goes down in the mountains it gets a little chilly so I threw on this typographic sweatshirt. I think crewneck sweatshirts look way more polished than hoodies. Hoodies kind of remind me of high school, or like, tech bros. I think crewnecks can look really slick—especially when they're simple yet graphic like this one. Maybe it's the graphic designer in me, but I love the simplicity of a blank canvas with clean typography.

Pyknic Soul Food Vintage Style The South Crewneck Sweatshirt


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Lasagna Del Rey Ringer Tee: HERE.

Soul Food Crewneck: HERE.

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