@WeroKitchen Tackles the Best Tacos in Fort Worth, Texas Part I

@WeroKitchen Tackles the Best Tacos in Fort Worth, Texas Part I

Fort Worth, Texas. If you Google the city, the first image that appears is of a herd of cattle parading through the historic stockyards, followed by cowboys, rodeos, and other Texan things that you might think of.  But Fort Worth is more than just Cowtown and as one of the fastest growing cities in America the food scene is doing a pretty good job of keeping pace with the ever-expanding community. And that means that the Fort Worth taco scene is booming. From the quintessential taco trucks and more traditional hole-in-the-wall spots to new and innovative shops, there are quite a few places to grab a good taco in and around the city. Recently I got to hang out at two must stop taco shops that are doing some pretty cool things around town. 


Best Tacos in Fort Worth, Tx

hi, i am nathanael (@werokitchen) and i freakin' dig tacos.

Taco Heads Fort Worth Texas Best Tacos TexMex

Taco Heads - 1812 Montgomery St, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Starting as a beloved food truck, Taco Heads’ first brick and mortar has become party central in Fort Worth's Cultural District with weekly live music on the patio, seriously delicious margaritas (try the Paloma, "she's a bad mofo"), and of course, tacos. Lots and lots of tacos. 

Taco Heads Restaurant Tacos Texas

Taco Heads Fort Worth Texas

Best Tacos in Fort Worth Texas Taco Heads

Talking to the staff at Taco Heads, they're really into tacos and put a lot of thought into what goes on the plate. They even have a kitchen night crew to babysit their slow cooked meats (respect!). Fresh ingredients, house made everything, that's what I love about their tacos.

Taco Tuesday in Texas

The location is relaxed and fun, it kind of makes you feel like any day is part of the weekend, and watching their Instastories I wonder if the Taco Heads crew maybe has too much fun.

Pyknic Count Blessings Not Calories Our Lady of Guadalupe Day of the Dead Taco T-shirt

Go ahead, count your blessings and order a second round of tacos, you'll dance off the extra calories anyway.

Where to get tacos in fort worth, texas

What's on the table:

Nuevo León al Pastor, Roasted Chipotle Brisket, Charred Avocado and Roasted Corn, Serious Legit Carnitas, Garlic Cilantro Gulf Shrimp, Elote, & a classic Margarita. 



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