Why #ShopSmall...

Why #ShopSmall...

Duncan the Pug from Pyknic

we are so thankful for all of the support you all have given our #smallbusiness, whether you made a purchase, came out to an event & talked to us in person, rallied behind us when someone copied a design, told a friend about us, or heck, even if you 'liked' a photo on our instagram!

we are living the dream. we are doing what we love. a husband, wife, and two pug team are huddled around a dining table with the daunting, monotonous task of folding, tagging, & bagging a few hundred tees for a retailer on a Saturday and we wouldn't trade it for the world. when you #shopsmall with us you're not only helping our brand grow so that we can keep cooking up new, fun goods but you're having a direct impact on our small family, including keeping our hungry pugs (Duncan pictured above) fed.

you probably don't realize it but you're also affecting the lives of our partners and their families, whether it's our printer Josh, our photographer Ashleigh, or others. not only do they share a similar mindset, work ethic & vision but they are small too! it's a good feeling that we (and you, by default) can pass along the business to other independents & artists so they can continue their craft as well as provide for their loved ones.

in return we all receive a far superior product with a certain craftsmanship that you just can't find at a mall or discount store.

... and "that's what (#smallbusinesssaturday) is all about, charlie brown."


Yours in Food & Funk,


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