we've found a new home.

most brands are tied to a hometown or city but we never truly belonged anywhere, guess you could call us drifters with a lot of belongings (see: two truckloads). when people would ask where we were from, it was hard to pinpoint an exact locale because we had been constantly moving.

well today this all changed. we have proudly planted our roots on the main street of our new hometown in chester county, pa. we just moved-in but still have a lot of decorating to do in order to create an inspirational environment for our new world headquarters. you can bet your ass there's going to be coffee, food, and our pugs around. 2016 will have a fresh start. new energy in a location with the possibility of collaboration, maybe some retail, and who knows, maybe even a family meal with some of you fine folks?

stay tuned and please bear with us while we get settled!

Stephen Thompson
Stephen Thompson


Chronically late. Dangerous around a cheese pump at the fixin's bar.