NEW Weekends are for Waffles Slightly Cropped Tank

Weekends are for Waffles just as Trix are for Kids, simple as that. If you want to get more complicated, weekends are also for skinny dipping at your favorite secret swimming hole but please make sure you wait a half an hour after eating those waffles!

But back to the waffles, nothing beats waking up knowing that there's nothing major, like work, on the agenda for the day and you can finally take your time with breakfast. You pull out the ole waffle iron that now has some grit and patina to it from weekends' past and start whipping up some homemade waffle batter. You know, the perfect batter that will have a slightly crispy outside with a light & fluffy inside once gently pressed between the iron. Now the crucial part is spreading on that Earth Balance so that it gets in each crevice then pouring organic, pure maple syrup all over the stack of warm goodness.

Well, I think we just sold you on making waffles this weekend now. But hey, if you want to be dressed properly for the occasion (pajama bottoms certainly welcome and acceptable), get your favorite cut of our Weekends Are For Waffles HERE. This includes our brand new, "slightly" cropped (to fit all ladies) tank which is pictured above.

Photo: ashleigh amoroso.

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