A Day with Skyler from NYC Dining: Tacombi

A Day with Skyler from NYC Dining: Tacombi

After doughnuts, what's the next best move on a NYC foodie excursion? Tacos, obv. Under the spotlight at the moment is Tacombi, located in the Flatiron district, Bleecker St, and Nolita. Skyler and Andrew headed to the latter for an afternoon of tacos & tequila. 

Never underestimate the power of a VW van, people. Right in the middle of this laid-back restaurant is where they parked it casually to cook yo' tacos in this converted-kitchen of a van. Skyler's go-to's from the menu? The esquites, a popular Mexican snack, which should be noted as "cheesy corn goodness". The crispy fish tacos are also necessary to dive into, as well as their delicious open-faced quesadillas.

Other standouts from this city favorite? Their dranks - which include Paloma, a fresh grapefruit, club soda & tequila cocktail, as well as the Sparkling Sangria. They're open for breakfast, which makes it totally acceptable to replace your morning coffee with tequila. Taco Tuesday just got spiked. 

Bringing authentic Mexican street food to New York is what makes Tacombi more than a trend - but a way of bringing our "Always Down 4 Tacos" mantra to life. Livin' La Vida Taco. 

Shop our "Always Down 4 Tacos" tee HERE. Thanks to Skyler from NYC Dining for collabing with us for this post! 

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