Ain't No Party Like a Pyknic Party

Ain't No Party Like a Pyknic Party

Gatsby may be the King of the West Egg parties, but on Saturday it was our Grand Opening that took the cake. At 11 am the doors opened, the products put on display, the La Colombe coffee a brewin', and the anticipation...momentous. One customer turned into a steady influx of people ready for the food vibes, good conversation, and to make their wallets a little emptier but their wardrobe a lot happier. 

What began as a concept is now a reality, and we couldn't be prouder of the day that not only marked, but solidified a new, exciting journey for us. Here's to the ace people that supported whether in person or through their generous contributions to the day: 

Bai Drinks, La Colombe, Topo Chico, Neshaminy Creek Brewing, and Chaddsford Wine kept everyone hydrated and feelin' fresh throughout. Special thanks to Bai's brand ambassadors for coming out for the entirety and bringing their boundless energy (and Pokemon Go skills). And to Chaddsford Winery for shaking, not stirring, some boss spring wine mojitos. 

We loved repping Stone Brewing and Damn Handsome Grooming soaps, Candelle's and Italics candles and bags, Jena Paige flowers, Three Potato Four pennants and key chains, Sun Bear Apiary, Brine Street Pickles, Peloton cold brew, Philadelphia Woodcraft cutting boards and bottle openers, and Shaka Sauce. You made the store come together and really brought Pyknic's brick + mortar vision to life. 

And we can't forget the food, after all that's what Pyknic is all about. Justin's Almond Butter and Abuelita's Empanada Truck brought the house down, keeping the turn-out happy until the sun went down. 

Finally, we acknowledge the most important part of it To the devoted customers that traveled, locals that stumbled in, town officials who welcomed us, and family & friends that clapped us on the backs in pride, it's because of you that Pyknic's opening was a snapshot to remember.

Saturday's event put the "grand" in Grand Opening, and we can't thank the people who support us, whether near or far, enough for coming out. We're a lucky bunch to be in a town as rad as Downingtown. West Egg, you've met your match. To quote our buddy F. Scott, "Too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne Pyknic is just right." 

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