Drink Like a Local: Coffee Shops in Sacramento, CA

Drink Like a Local: Coffee Shops in Sacramento, CA

Eating is cool and all, but knowing the best local places to grab a cup o' Joe is just as important when adventuring to new places. I chatted with Nate from @the80sduo to bring you some stellar coffee recommendations. Over Worked and Under Caffeinated? Not for long, Californians. 


This independent, family-owned coffee house and roasterie works alongside family farms to bring you the freshest coffee possible. Brewed in 6 to 12 pound batches, this modest cafe brews coffee to boast about. 

Nate's pick:

A simple Bee's Knees espresso to start off the day right. 


Inspired by his travels in Indonesia, founder Sean Kohmescher wanted to open a coffee joint that reminded him of his temple visits abroad. A place that would bring people from all over to sit and enjoy good conversation over exceptional coffee. Their coffee buyer travels far and wide for the majority of the year to source the best beans possible. 

Nate's pick:

Iced almond milk latte - "a creamy chocolaty latte that never disappoints". They were named the best coffee house in quality and customer service in Sacramento News for a reason, after all. 


Lastly, Nate suggests Insight Coffee, a roaster with a different approach to flavorful brews. While mainstream hotspots encourage sugary additives to make your cup of caffeine taste good, Insight relies on precision alone to make sure the last thing you'll need is syrups and creamers to add in. 

Nate's pick: 

"Sometimes it’s good to just relax with a cold-brewed classic. Unlike many cold brew coffees, Insight doesn’t dilute its cold brew, preferring to let the ice in the glass take care of that and give an extra buzz to the drink." And can't forget about a doughnut on the side.


If you plan on coming back for more, think about purchasing a 16- or 32-oz bottle for refills at reduced prices.

Shop the tees above:

Death Before Decaf

Over Worked Under Caffeinated 

Donut Kill My Vibe

Thanks to Nate and Gia (& baby Logan!) for collaborating with us for this post. All images credited to them. Make sure to keep up with the80sduo on Instagram and see more of Nate's photography here

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