Press: Nylon Magazine Features Our New Wear

Press: Nylon Magazine Features Our New Wear

Make room in your summer wardrobe for our new food-centric wear featured in Nylon Magazine. Perfect for lounging, running around, and of course, munching on your favorite eats, our wear is comfortable and relaxed so you'll always be ready for the next foodie adventure.

Tis' the season to live in a bikini, so why not make it a french fries bikini instead: 

If you're overworked and under-caffeinated or are always down 4 tacos (who isn't, tbh), then you'll love our new tees, tanks, and sweatshirts as seen below: 

 Take it greasy with some slices of heaven this weekend: 

What's a Sunday brunch without mimosas? (and our popular sweatshirt / dollman combo):

Show your love for food and comfort and get yours HERE

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