Chef Mary Mattern is a plant-based chef, food artist, lover of vegetables, cookbook author, and instagrammer @NomYourself. Only 28 years old and from New York, Mary has toured with Ellie Goulding as her personal chef, has been a sous chef alongside some famous chefs, and has even cooked for our favorite agent, Ari Gold of HBO’s Entourage (a.k.a. Jeremy Piven in real life).


Mary stumbled into veganism two years ago while teaching herself to cook. Yes, that’s right, she is self-taught and did not have any formal training or schooling. While excluding meat and dairy from her recipes so that they wouldn’t be heavy, Mattern realized that she was both creating and eating vegan dishes. It was a feasible lifestyle for her plus she was doing good by not using any animal by-products.


Mattern also self-published Nom Yourself: The Cookbook, which sold-out as paperback but is still available as an e-book. It contains recipes for Tofu Scramble Crostinis down to donuts and has been given rave reviews from Ellie Goulding, Tony Kanal of No Doubt, and Ruth Tal, the founder of Fresh Restaurants & a best-selling vegan cookbook author.


Everyone has their own interpretations of our shirts and that is what we love about our brand. People not only take the words to heart in ways that represent them but also style our shirts to fit their look & lifestyle. On our “Too Many Crooks” tee we’ve heard everything from people working alongside parolees in restaurants to wearing it to make a statement against big food business pumping out food containing GMOs. 

Mary’s interpretation of our Eat Now Diet Later Tee was, “Don’t diet. Just eat all the fruits and vegetables you want, all of the time”.

Recently Nom Yourself signed with The Agency Group. We are really excited to what the future holds for this young & hungry planted-based powerhouse.

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