Eat Like a Local: Fort Worth, TX

Eat Like a Local: Fort Worth, TX

Next stop: Texas, as we make our way through the country one bangin' eatery at a time. Molly, the blogger behind Molly on the Move, showed us her choice spots to chow down in Fort Worth.


This authentic hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant serves up some of the best south of the border food in Texas. The trendy exterior welcomes you inside to their simplistic interior, allowing the food to be the focus of your experience. 

Molly's pick:

Try the pork burrito with pastor, for a true taste of Mexico and a meal that'll keep you full until your next trip to Salsa Limon. 


Quoted as Molly's "favorite pizza place ever", Mellow Mushroom is just as funky as you would think with a name like that. But don't be put off by the kooky decor and painted (fake) cow chillin' outside, the stone-baked pizza is not to be missed. 

Molly's pick

Caesar pizza. Yup, Caesar salad on pizza. Don't knock it till you try it people, Molly gets it every time she goes. Another must have: their pretzel appetizers made out of their killer crust. 


No meal is complete without ice cream, and in Fort Worth the place to go is Melt. This place is dedicated to serving everyone's favorite frozen dessert by also supporting local businesses where they get their fresh ingredients. For a tang, they boil down balsamic with berries, and for natural tasting flavors they use herbs like rosemary and basil. Read more about this game changer here.

Molly's pick: 

The boozy buccaneer: cinnamon rum, pineapple, caramel. Anyone who puts cinnamon run in ice cream is sure to be a winner. 

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Thanks to Molly for collaborating with us for this post! All images credited to her. Make sure to keep up with her happenings through her blog and Instagram.

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