@WeroKitchen Tackles the Best Tacos in Fort Worth, Texas Part II

@WeroKitchen Tackles the Best Tacos in Fort Worth, Texas Part II

Righteous Foods Best Healthy Tacos in Fort Worth Texas

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we continue to explore the beauty that is tacos with Fort Worth taco enthusiast and adventurer, nathanael (@werokitchen).

Righteous Foods Best Healthy Tacos and Texmex Ft Worth Tx

Righteous Foods - 3405 W 7th St, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Righteous Foods off of West 7th is not what you might expect. When someone first told me about it and described it as a "healthy" place, my first thought was "That's nice, but I'm not on a diet. Can we go eat somewhere good?" Little did I know Righteous Foods makes good on it's promise of "Healthy food that tastes like it's bad for you." Righteous is proud of it's use of organic ingredients and their non-processed, scratch made approach to cooking, but the relaxed vibe, stylish digs and friendly staff are anything but pretentious. This is clean, healthy food you could eat every day. 

Inside of Righteous Foods Retaurant in Fort Worth Texas Best Food

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While Righteous isn't a Mexican restaurant (their menu is extensive and diverse), between Fort Worth native Lanny Lancarte and the Patlan brothers from Guanajuato, there is a lot of Mexican culinary talent in the kitchen.

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Which brings me to the tacos. This is the kind of place you can eat two plates of tacos and not regret it a few hours later. Clean flavors, beautifully seasoned fillings, and house made salsas and toppings. What more could you want? I’m glad you asked. They also have a full service drink and coffee bar, with everything from cold pressed juices and espresso to cocktails and mixed drinks. "Good for the body. Good for the soul. Great to taste." reads the Righteous Manifesto above the entryway. And all God's people said, "amen."

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What's on the table:

Cochinita Pibil (slow roasted pork), Grilled Shrimp al Mojo de Ajo, topped with pickled onions, queso fresco, pickled cabbage and carrots with black beans. 

Where to Get Tacos in Fort Worth Texas - Righteous Foods



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