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The Organic Grill: Healthy Hot Spot in NYC

May 24, 2016

East Village's own The Organic Grill caters to every vegan, organic foodie in NYC. Owner Julia prides herself on creating a menu that tells the story of her grandmother, who after being diagnosed with stage four Lymphoma, went to the Kushi Institute: a specialized macrobiotic treatment center in the Berkshires.  After her stay, she went into remission and soon found she was cancer-free. To pay homage to the lifestyle that turned her life around, she opened The Organic Grill.  Family owned and centered around balanced foods that both taste good and look bomb on your Instagram, the cafe is putting a spin on New York City eats.  The atmosphere is as welcoming and artisanal as the food presented. Even a hardcore meat-eater will...

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You Need to Fly to LA for the Dirty Horchata Alone

April 27, 2016

One of the best non-alcoholic, caffeinated drinks in all of the land has to be the "Dirty Horchata" from Tinga on La Brea in Los Angeles. Not only aesthetically pleasing (I mean it's f'n ombré!) but the tandem of iced horchata and a shot of espresso is unrivaled. UPDATE: Tinga reached out and alerted us that there is also an alcoholic version! Photography: @themarshan1

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