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Pyknic Getaways - The Outlier Inn: Woodridge, NY

October 03, 2016

This past weekend we were fortunate enough to getaway to the Catskills of Upstate New York with our friends, Andrew & Andrea of The Marshalletti Project. They had found a very interesting Airbnb in Woodridge, NY called "The Outlier Inn" which was featured on Escape Brooklyn. It's a 12 acre property that has various Airbnb rentals which include a 1953 Spartenette Trailer, a cottage, a guest house, a bungalow, a geodesic dome, a couple tiny houses, and a main home in addition to a farm and recording studio. Given our affinity for food, one of our favorite aspects of the place was the outdoor kitchen / greenhouse which was a great communal space to both cook and eat al fresco....

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In It 4 the Long Run: Green Smoothie Popsicles

September 01, 2016

Finally, now you can have your green smoothie and eat it too!

Summer is winding down for sure, but the temps are totally still popsicle friendly. I whipped up some green smoothie pops for those days when you want a sweet treat but need your greens too.

These pops were inspired by one of Pyknic’s latest tee’s: “Avo-nly Got Eyes For You.” This tee immediately spoke to me, as an avid avocado eater/enthusiast/lover. Rather than stick to the basic (but always amazing) avocado toast recipe, I figured I’d embrace the season and get chilly on ya. This green avocado smoothie pops are a magical hybrid of dessert meets healthy green smoothie.