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Make Delicious and Perfect S'mores Using Your Fireplace

November 30, 2015

What better way to find yourself in vibe of the season than surrounding yourself with the warmth of a hand-built & foraged fire then utilizing it as a cooking device? You spent Thanksgiving (and the night before) slaving over a hot stove then spent the days after nuking those leftovers in a microwave. The fireplace is something different, practical, and certainly traditional, I mean humans have been cooking with fire for over 1.8 million years. S'mores are simple. They embody the idea that less is more. Find marshmallows, bigger the better, put it right on the end of your stick, and nestle it over the fire but not in the fire (calm your inner arsonist). It should just be close to...

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Pyknic Black Friday - Cyber Monday Offers

November 28, 2015

In case you are not part of our mailing list and don't follow our Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook then you may not be aware of our current offers for the Black Friday Weekend into Cyber Monday. First of all, we never offer coupons during the year so this is a big deal! Second, any coupon you think you have may found on Coupon Cabin, Brad's Deals or RetailMeNot, etc. do not work here so it's not worth wasting your time looking. We would certainly let you know if they did exist. There's FREE SHIPPING if you place an order $25+ in the US. If you order between now and Cyber Monday you'll get a FREE PYKNIC BEANIE with your purchase...

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