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Wait, Banksy who? Hansky is Taking Over NYC Street Art

May 27, 2016

Street art isn't new to the city of New York, but when parodist Hanksy decided to create "memes in real life", it brought an edgier twist to the scene. Who doesn't love a good pun? That features Homer Simpson and an avocado?  What's different from Banksy is that Hansky is all about the humor. It's putting clever into street art, and then watching it go viral. Nothing says 21st century, millennial driven art like putting an avocado to an animated character or a taco behind Will Smith's face.    "Avoca-doh" by Hanksy

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New Flagship Store Set to Open in Downingtown, PA

May 26, 2016

We're set to open our first store in good ole' Downingtown, next to the local favorite Station Taproom. After months of reconstruction and making the space Pyknic-tastic, we'll soon be selling all tees, tanks, socks, mugs, and more at our flagship spot.  We pulled out the rugs and grinded & stained the concrete to give the current finish. It makes the refurbished wooden desks (as seen below) stand out. Made by co-founder Stephen Thompson, the thick oak desks make the open space rustic and welcoming. Putting those final touches throughout the space with scattered succulents, lightbulb fixtures, and tapestries, our flagship store is for anyone overworked and under-cafffeinated, or just, ya know, in need of a shopping break.  As you can see,...

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