Pyknic Promo Video

Over our grand opening weekend event, we had our friend  Alyson come in to film a video showcasing the new storefront. If you've stumbled upon our revamped About Us page then you might've already seen it (shameless promo to go check that out as well), but here it is, featuring music by Atlas Genius: 
Thanks to Alyson for filming, make sure to check out her YouTube channel. Feelin' the caffeine buzz? Shop our Death Before Decaf products here

A Day with Skyler from NYC Dining: Prince Street Pizza

Last but not least on our foodie expedition with Skyler was to Prince Street Pizza, located conveniently next to Tacombi, home to our favorite tacos. Going in for seconds never tasted so good, or so international. Known for their pepperoni square pizza, this is a slice you can't refuse.

Pizza is offered in 10", 14", or 18" slices, with options such as the Veggimus Maximus, with all the veggie toppings you could want (or fit) on a slice, or if you're a meat eater - The Nashville Hot Chicken, quite the opposite and just as delicious. Go for Skyler's favorite which truly puts our "I Like Pizza More Than I Like People" tee to life: the pepperoni square.

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Recs and Eats with Celine Reads

Summer means ice cream, sleeping in, and reading to the sound of the ocean. Or a wave machine, if you're not near a beach. We feel your pain. I chatted with Celine from celinereads (check out her book-devoted Instagram here) to bring you some recommendations based on our biggest summertime mantras: "Over Worked and Under Caffeinated" and "Ice Cream is Cheaper than Therapy". 

You know when you read a really good book and you can't put it down so you binge read it until you basically pass out at four in the morning but then have to go to work or class in a few hours?  As a hardcore book lover, I know that feeling all too well.

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Candles and Coffee and Mugs, Oh My!

What's better than our 'Donut Kill My Vibe' mug? Putting a candle in it that smells like coffee. We collaborated with our like-minded creative friends in Philadelphia at Candelle's to bring this creation to life. Their au naturale soy candles are now hand poured into everyone's new favorite 8 oz. morning caffeinated liquid holder. 

Come by our newly opened Downingtown shop to smell one for yourself, or get it online HERE. Best part? Once the wick dims for the last time, wash it out and you've got yourself a new mug for your choice non-decaf beverage. 

Ain't No Party Like a Pyknic Party

Gatsby may be the King of the West Egg parties, but on Saturday it was our Grand Opening that took the cake. At 11 am the doors opened, the products put on display, the La Colombe coffee a brewin', and the anticipation...momentous. One customer turned into a steady influx of people ready for the food vibes, good conversation, and to make their wallets a little emptier but their wardrobe a lot happier.

What began as a concept is now a reality, and we couldn't be prouder of the day that not only marked, but solidified a new, exciting journey for us. Here's to the ace people that supported whether in person or through their generous contributions to the day:

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Food Vibes Only - Flagship Store Opening Saturday, July 9th

Foodies, fashionistas, and lovers of puns unite - Pyknic (dat's us) is open for business live and in person starting this Saturday, July 9th. Nestled in the heart of Downingtown, two doors over from the Station Taproom, lies our first flagship store to fulfill all of your food-centric lifestyle needs.

Come out starting at 11 a.m. and purchase your favorite tees, tanks, mugs, socks and more in person. See our studio and have a good time with friends, family, and friendly neighborhood faces! We'll also have some of the best in the biz repping their goods, including:

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A Day with Skyler from NYC Dining: Tacombi

After doughnuts, what's the next best move on a NYC foodie excursion? Tacos, obv. Under the spotlight at the moment is Tacombi, located in the Flatiron district, Bleecker St, and Nolita. Skyler and Andrew headed to the latter for an afternoon of tacos & tequila.

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In It 4 the Long Run: The Death Before Decaf Cold Brew Smoothie Bowl

I believe it was the great Patrick Henry who once said “Give me caffeine or give me death.” Just kidding, he definitely didn’t say that, but let’s be real, next to liberty, caffeine is a pretty close second.

Like many respectable humans, I’ve been a coffee fan for some time now. However, this year I started working as barista at a local coffee shop and my love of coffee has grown exponentially, which I wasn’t even aware would be possible.

It turns out making coffee all day is as fun as it sounds (when you’re a caffeine junkie). Nothing makes a barista happier than helping their customer find the perfect drink. If you’ve ever had questions about what a drink is, never be afraid to ask. Baristas are coffee lovers and love to talk shop, especially if that means helping you find your new ‘regular.’

5 Ways to Switch Up Your Coffee Shop Routine:

If you have a little extra time to sit down and enjoy your coffee try….

Extra time on your hands? Try a single origin pour over. A pour over is a single cup brewing method that takes about 5 minutes but extracts all of the amazing flavors that different coffees have to offer. Let your barista know which kinds of coffee you like, even if it’s just dark vs. light and they’ll be able to recommend a great coffee for you to try.

If you like regular coffee but want to switch things up…

If you usually go for drip coffee why not give an Americano a try. An Americano is a drink made with espresso and water. This means you’re getting the fresh, rich espresso flavors, while also enjoying a drink you can sip on a little longer.

If you like iced coffee but wish it were stronger…

Have you ever wanted ice coffee but felt it was missing a little umph? Or by the time you get to your drink half the ice has melted? Try an iced red eye. This is an iced coffee with a shot of espresso. All the iced coffee goodness THEN some.

If you’re not sure whether you like lattes or cappuccinos…

Ahh yes, the age old question: What’s the difference between a cappuccino and a latte? It’s a good question! The answer: foam. Lattes are mostly steamed milk with a very light layer of foam, while cappuccinos have equal parts steamed milk to foam. So if the foam is your favorite part stick to cappuccinos. If you prefer the steamed milk, a latte is the way to go.

If you like lattes but wish there was less milk try…

If you love the creamy texture of a latte but wish the espresso flavors were stronger try a cortado. This is basically a mini latte with the same amount of espresso as a traditional latte.

Bonus Tip:

If you’re really serious about your caffeine love why not try it in your next smoothie! Yup, that’s right, coffee in a smoothie. Not just any smoothie though, a smoothie bowl. This thick, creamy delicious breakfast will satisfy both your (healthy) sweet tooth and your coffee cravings.

The Death Before Decaf Cold Brew Smoothie Bowl


2 frozen bananas

1 Scoop of chocolate protein powder

1/4 cup of coconut milk

1/4 cup of cold brew


1/4 cup of Granola

1 tablespoon of Chocolate Nut Butter

2 tablespoons of your favorite nuts & seeds


In a high powered blender, mix together bananas, protein powder, coconut milk and cold brew until smooth and creamy.

Top with granola, nut butter and your favorite nuts and seeds.

Serve in a bowl.

Serves: 2

Time: 15 minutes

Shop our Death Before Decaf products here and here.

This post was written by Georgie from In It 4 the Long Run, all text and photos credited to her. Thanks to Georgie for collaborating with us for this post! 

A Day with Skyler from NYC Dining: Underwest Donuts

Dashing around New York City with a foodie on a mission was on the agenda this week as our photographer Andrew alongside Skyler from @nycdining on Instagram made their way to Underwest Donuts. Located in Hell's Kitchen on W 47th St, this is no ordinary doughnut shop. 

With a kitchen counter inside of a car wash, this is to be noted as Skyler's favorite, #1, MVP doughnut shop in all of New York. It's not just a one-stop shop, it's an experience that according to Skyler will "ignite all the sparks on your tastebuds". 

So, like, moving upstairs ASAP? 

Popular flavors include Maple Waffle, Coco Raspberry, and Mulled Cider. But trust the foodie Instagram queen and go for the brown butter doughnut - simple, yet powered with flavor. 

If you're looking for a different kind of no regrets-sugar explosion-good vibes only experience, then Underwest Donuts is your place. Make sure to stop on by and recreate the shoot for yourself sporting our "Donut Kill My Vibe" tee. No worries, it's crumb proof. 

7 of the Hottest Food Trends Right Now

Trend forecasting has been a full-time job in the fashion business for a few years, and now its made its way into the food industry. Some of the hottest foods below have been predicted by trend forecasters and are now taking over social media and restaurants worldwide. 

Rainbow Bagels 

Photo credit: @thebagelstore on Instagram

The Bagel Store's video of how they made their famous colorful bagels went viral on Facebook, and since has probably blown up your feed a few times. Trip to Brooklyn to snag a few dozen, anyone? 

Raindrop Cake

Photo credit: 

Looks cool, but tastes like water. It's worth it for the gram'. 

Giant Milkshakes 

Photo credit: @blacktapnyc on Instagram 

Gone are the days of plain vanilla and chocolate with whip cream and a cherry, now it's completely normal to have scoops of ice cream and a doughnut on top of your shake. 


Photo credit: 

With multiple health benefits including limiting joint pains matched with anti-inflammatory properties (AKA goodbye upset stomachs), tumeric is sure to be the new staple spice in your cabinet.

Vegan Ice Cream 

Photo credit: 

When Ben & Jerry's hops on this train, you know it's going to be around for a while. Healthy and dessert? We ain't complaining. 

Sushi Burgers 

Photo credit:

Anyone with a bucket list will need to try sushi burgers. Using rice as the bun and filling the middle with all the sushi goodness we love - this is a trend to keep bookmarked. 

Acai Bowls 

Photo credit: @haleiwabowls on Instagram

They may not be new to the food scene, but acai bowls are still a social media and health-craze favorite. People are always finding new ways to jazz them up, making them a long-lasting, worth-the-hype trend. 

Keep an eye out for more trends on the food horizon, and when one goes to bite the crust, another will pop up just in time for dinner.