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Pyknic Getaways - The Outlier Inn: Woodridge, NY

This past weekend we were fortunate enough to getaway to the Catskills of Upstate New York with our friends, Andrew & Andrea of The Marshalletti Project. They had found a very interesting Airbnb in Woodridge, NY called "The Outlier Inn" which was featured on Escape Brooklyn. It's a 12 acre property that has various Airbnb rentals which include a 1953 Spartenette Trailer, a cottage, a guest house, a bungalow, a geodesic dome, a couple tiny houses, and a main home in addition to a farm and recording studio. Given our affinity for food, one of our favorite aspects of the place was the outdoor kitchen / greenhouse which was a great communal space to both cook and eat al fresco. The Outlier Inn provided plenty of communal space to enjoy food and one another's company. Keshini Fiber Farm is located on the property and guests are welcome to purchase fresh greens which include kale and zucchini (pictured above) as well as eggs. It's also home to various farm animals which include merino sheep, angora goats, angora rabbits, oberhasli dairy goats, free range chickens, and a yellow lab. We loved that we were welcome to bring along our own animals as well. Our group had stayed in the heated 1950s trailer. We often fantasize about that time period: the design, the fashion, the culture, and the automobiles. This was a great opportunity to relive that history in a way through a one-of-a-kind experience. The General Motors fridge and the booth seat in the middle of the trailer was a blast from the past as well as a great way to keep the party going. It was hard not to notice the large Geodesic Dome on the property that could house up to 25 people. All the Fall feels. Everything is better outside including bathing. There was a working bath tub, a hot tub, as well as outdoor showers that offered just enough privacy but were still completely liberating. It was nice to switch things up and be in the company of some other creative minds, even if just for an extended weekend. We gained some valuable experience and fresh inspiration through a different way of living.