December 19, 2016

Braised By Wolves - Best Homemade Pasta Tagliatelle Recipe

@braisedxwolves is throwing down some wicked food knowledge. Together, Ricky Aiello Jr. and Amanda Picotte are bringing you something fresh from their kitchen. This is not your mother’s cooking show. Tasty dishes that the average Joe or Jane can whip up. Watch the video above as Ricky shows you how easy it is to make homemade tagliatelle. Be sure to give them a follow on Instagram @braisedxwolves and on YouTube: Braised by Wolves.
November 25, 2016

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PRESS: Refinery29 Best Gift Guide for Foodies

Refinery29 Gift Guide Best Gift for Food Lovers and Foodies

Refinery29 just released a list of "29 Non-Edible Foodie Gifts For The Pizza Rats In Your Life". This Christmas / holiday gift guide for foodies, fans of food puns, and food meme lovers features three Pyknic items including our popular realistic French Fries socks.

Refinery29 Christmas Gift Ideas for Food Lovers Pyknic

Have a friend that plans life around brunch? Refinery29 suggests that our original Weekends are for Waffles Crewneck Sweatshirt would make the perfect Christmas Gift for the breakfast or brunch food lover in your life.

Pyknic Food Donut Mugs Refinery29

The list of the Best Foodie Gifts also features our Donut Kill My Vibe mug. Your friends should be down with coffee so you can't go wrong with any of these mugs.

worKS Kennett Square Pennsylvania - Our Second IRL Outpost

worKS Kennett Square Pennsylvania Artists, Artisan Makers Collaborative Retail Space

Back in September not only were we juggling our webstore as well as our new brick-n-mortar flagship location in Downingtown, PA but we were also in the process of opening a second outpost at worKS Kennett Square.

works kennett square ksq local made in pennsylvania

We've always loved the cute and artsy town of Kennett Square which also happens to be just as quirky as us with its annual "Mushroom Festival". When Tara over at worKS approached us with the opportunity to be part of a collaborative community of artisans & makers that we admired in a restored 1950s garage turned into a retail space it was a done deal.

Pyknic at worKS Kennett Square in the Philly Suburbs Artists of The Main Line

This time last year we were just an online store and we were buried in the catacombs of the digital highway without any human interaction but now Pyknic is tangible. By visiting our retail spaces you can not only get a feel for our apparel and food lifestyle goods IRL (definition: in real life) but also get a grasp of the brand's culture.

worKS Kennett Square - Retail Shopping in KSQ Kennett Square Chester County PA

This past year has been tremendous thanks to all of your support, whether locally, nationally, or across the globe. Martha and I can only hope we continue to grow our small business in 2017. We'd love to meet all of you so make sure to stop by one of our retail stores or one of the holiday markets we're part of this winter!

worKS: 432 S. Walnut St. Kennett Square, PA 19348

Open: Thursday from 4 - 7pm & Friday - Sunday from 11 - 5pm.

October 26, 2016

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New Fall 2016 Lookbook

Pyknic Donuts Lookbook Photo

These are just a few of our favorite shots of model @ChaelChip that our photographer Ashley Jensen took for our new Fall 2016 Lookbook. Say what you want about fashion but in our eyes, it is about fun and expressing yourself in that manner. I think that's evident with this quirky statement tee with our 'I Only Brought My Appetite' slogan. Perfect for Thanksgiving!

Pyknic Soul Food Crew Lookbook

Nothing accompanies our food themed t-shirts and sweatshirts better than ALL THE FOOD!

Pyknic Hope They Serve Tacos in Hell Dolman Lookbook

But we do love seeing our vintage-inspired graphic tops layered with denim jackets, vintage motorcycle jackets, and flannels. They add another layer of personality to any outfit.

Find the full lookbook: HERE.


How do you style our goods?  Hashtag #PYKNIC on Instagram and inspire us!

October 25, 2016

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Eat Like a Local: Best Brunch, Tacos, & Healthy Food in Chicago

One city that cannot be overlooked for its fabulous fare is Chicago. I chatted with food blogger Kristin, aka the @nom_stop, and she showed us that not only are the eats in the Windy City f'n delicious but they can also be nutritious.

Named in the 1980’s for its affluent inhabitants, the Gold Coast neighborhood in Chicago is filled with foodie finds fit for a king or queen. If, of course, your royal highness is up for a kickass cup of Joe, a grass-fed burger, or a full tray of tacos.

For the Brunch Queen: 3 Arts Club Café, located inside Restoration Hardware. Here, the overworked and under caffeinated (who isn’t these days?) gather for almond milk lattes and brunch fare. The posh dining room alone is a reason to visit; filled with RH’s beautiful furnishings, it is beyond Instagram-worthy.

Since they don’t take reservations, you are bound to encounter a bit of a wait, which comes as no problem when there are four floors of home décor waiting to be explored.

The Nom Stop - Best Brunch in Chicago at 3 Arts Club Cafe Illinois

The Nom Stop Over Worked Under Caffeinated T-shirt by Pyknic Best Latte in Chicago

By the second floor, I was mentally packing a suitcase and plotting my move into the place - amazing.

Best Brunch in Chicago Illinois at the Restoration Hardware 3 Arts Club Cafe

For the Taco King: Velvet Taco. This casual, counter-service taco joint is a must if you’re in the neighborhood. Everything is made from scratch, including the tortillas, which is a major deal breaker for a taco lover like myself.

Best Tacos in Chicago are made from scratch at Velvet Taco

Among my favorites was #8, a shredded pork taco with pineapple, avocado crema, and pickled onion on a purple corn tortilla, as well as #11, the grilled flank steak taco with mushroom and white queso. Game. Over.

Pyknic Hope they Serve Tacos in Hell Shirt pairs nicely with tacos

The Nom Stop outside her favorite taco joint, Velvet Taco, in Chicago, IL

For Your Healthy Highness: LYFE Kitchen. With a menu featuring baked fries, “unfried” chicken, and plenty of vegan options, LYFE has the whole “healthy but tastes good” vibe down pat. I opted for the grass-fed farmhouse burger on a gluten-free bun that did not disappoint.

Grass Fed Burger at Lyfe Kitchen Gold Coast IL Chicago

And while everything on the menu is delicious, the garlic parmesan sweet potato fries absolutely stole my heart. I now live by the motto contained in the name: Love Your Food Everyday. Let’s just say that the Gold Coast left my heart and my stomach full of nothing but love.

Nomaste Pyknic Nom Shirt paired up with a Lyfe Kitchen Burger

Follow along with me as I continue to eat my way through the city in search of the best noms! Too see more restaurant recs right now, head to:

Get the Overworked Under Caffeinated Tee by Pyknic : HERE.

Get the Hope they Serve Tacos in Hell Tee by Pyknic : HERE.

Get the Nomaste Tee by Pyknic : HERE.

October 03, 2016

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Pyknic Getaways - The Outlier Inn: Woodridge, NY

the outlier inn outdoor kitchen - glamping airbnb catskills upstate ny

This past weekend we were fortunate enough to getaway to the Catskills of Upstate New York with our friends, Andrew & Andrea of The Marshalletti Project. They had found a very interesting Airbnb in Woodridge, NY called "The Outlier Inn" which was featured on Escape Brooklyn. It's a 12 acre property that has various Airbnb rentals which include a 1953 Spartenette Trailer, a cottage, a guest house, a bungalow, a geodesic dome, a couple tiny houses, and a main home in addition to a farm and recording studio.

the outlier inn outdoor kitchen - glamping airbnb catskills upstate ny

the outlier inn outdoor kitchen spices - glamping airbnb catskills upstate ny

the outlier inn outdoor kitchen - glamping airbnb catskills upstate ny

Given our affinity for food, one of our favorite aspects of the place was the outdoor kitchen / greenhouse which was a great communal space to both cook and eat al fresco.

the outlier inn outdoor rustic farm cooking - glamping airbnb catskills upstate ny

the outlier inn outdoor rustic farm cooking - glamping airbnb catskills upstate ny

the outlier inn outdoor rustic farm cooking - glamping airbnb catskills upstate ny

the outlier inn outdoor farm rustic reclaimed wood dining area - glamping airbnb catskills upstate ny

The Outlier Inn provided plenty of communal space to enjoy food and one another's company.

the outlier inn outdoor rustic farm organic kale and zuchini - glamping airbnb catskills upstate ny

Keshini Fiber Farm is located on the property and guests are welcome to purchase fresh greens which include kale and zucchini (pictured above) as well as eggs.

the outlier inn free range chickens farm - glamping airbnb catskills upstate ny

the outlier inn sheep farm - glamping airbnb catskills upstate ny

the outlier inn goats farm - glamping airbnb catskills upstate ny

It's also home to various farm animals which include merino sheep, angora goats, angora rabbits, oberhasli dairy goats, free range chickens, and a yellow lab.

the outlier inn duncan the pug dogs allowed - glamping airbnb catskills upstate ny

the outlier inn pug dogs welcome - glamping airbnb catskills upstate ny

We loved that we were welcome to bring along our own animals as well.

the outlier inn 1950s camping trailer rv - glamping airbnb catskills upstate ny

the outlier inn 1950s camping trailer rv - glamping airbnb catskills upstate ny

Our group had stayed in the heated 1950s trailer. We often fantasize about that time period: the design, the fashion, the culture, and the automobiles. This was a great opportunity to relive that history in a way through a one-of-a-kind experience.

The General Motors fridge and the booth seat in the middle of the trailer was a blast from the past as well as a great way to keep the party going.

the outlier inn geodesic dome - glamping airbnb catskills upstate ny

the outlier inn geodesic dome - glamping airbnb catskills upstate ny

It was hard not to notice the large Geodesic Dome on the property that could house up to 25 people.

the outlier inn newport storm beer brewery pumpkin beer by the fire - glamping airbnb catskills upstate ny

All the Fall feels.

the outlier inn camp fire - glamping airbnb catskills upstate ny

Outlier Inn Woodridge, NY Catksills Camp Fire Geodesic Dome Escape Brooklyn

the outlier inn outdoor claw foot bath tub - glamping airbnb catskills upstate ny

Everything is better outside including bathing. There was a working bath tub, a hot tub, as well as outdoor showers that offered just enough privacy but were still completely liberating.

It was nice to switch things up and be in the company of some other creative minds, even if just for an extended weekend. We gained some valuable experience and fresh inspiration through a different way of living.

In It 4 the Long Run: Green Smoothie Popsicles

Finally, now you can have your green smoothie and eat it too!

Summer is winding down for sure, but the temps are totally still popsicle friendly. I whipped up some green smoothie pops for those days when you want a sweet treat but need your greens too.

These pops were inspired by one of Pyknic’s latest tee’s: “Avo-nly Got Eyes For You.” This tee immediately spoke to me, as an avid avocado eater/enthusiast/lover. Rather than stick to the basic (but always amazing) avocado toast recipe, I figured I’d embrace the season and get chilly on ya. This green avocado smoothie pops are a magical hybrid of dessert meets healthy green smoothie.

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Eat Like a Local: New York City

We've featured New York City eats a few times on our blog, and for good reason. You want tasty, unique, and comfort combined into one dish? This is the city to be in. I chatted with blogger and style guru Gabrielle to give you her picks for where to grab a bite in the city that never sleeps. 


Tacos, salad, enchiladas, and chips...what more does one need in life, TBH. The designer behind the attached sit-down Bowery Bar and Grill, Eric Goode, came up with the laid-back Taco Bar to compliment.

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Drink Like a Local: Coffee Shops in Sacramento, CA

Eating is cool and all, but knowing the best local places to grab a cup o' Joe is just as important when adventuring to new places. I chatted with Nate from @the80sduo to bring you some stellar coffee recommendations. Over Worked and Under Caffeinated? Not for long, Californians. 



This independent, family-owned coffee house and roasterie works alongside family farms to bring you the freshest coffee possible. Brewed in 6 to 12 pound batches, this modest cafe brews coffee to boast about.

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Eat Like a Local: Fort Worth, TX

Next stop: Texas, as we make our way through the country one bangin' eatery at a time. Molly, the blogger behind Molly on the Move, showed us her choice spots to chow down in Fort Worth. 


This authentic hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant serves up some of the best south of the border food in Texas. The trendy exterior welcomes you inside to their simplistic interior, allowing the food to be the focus of your experience.

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