Make Delicious and Perfect S'mores Using Your Fireplace

Make Delicious and Perfect S'mores Using Your Fireplace

Fireplace Smores Fire and Marshmallow What better way to find yourself in vibe of the season than surrounding yourself with the warmth of a hand-built & foraged fire then utilizing it as a cooking device? You spent Thanksgiving (and the night before) slaving over a hot stove then spent the days after nuking those leftovers in a microwave. The fireplace is something different, practical, and certainly traditional, I mean humans have been cooking with fire for over 1.8 million years.

Fireplace S'mores

S'mores are simple. They embody the idea that less is more. Find marshmallows, bigger the better, put it right on the end of your stick, and nestle it over the fire but not in the fire (calm your inner arsonist). It should just be close to the heat so that it'll toast some and slowly melt on the inside without catching fire and burning on the outside. Once you get a nice light brown toast that is when you can cut loose and let that baby burn a bit.

Fireplace Smores with marshmallow, graham cracker, and chocolate

With a Graham cracker and dark chocolate ready & waiting on a plate, sit that marshmallow on top and use the top Graham cracker to sandwich it down so you can pull out your stick.

Fireplace Smores

Now you are ready to enjoy the perfect s'more!


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