Eat Like a Local: New York City

Eat Like a Local: New York City

We've featured New York City eats a few times on our blog, and for good reason. You want tasty, unique, and comfort combined into one dish? This is the city to be in. I chatted with blogger and style guru Gabrielle to give you her picks for where to grab a bite in the city that never sleeps. 


Tacos, salad, enchiladas, and chips...what more does one need in life, TBH. The designer behind the attached sit-down Bowery Bar and Grill, Eric Goode, came up with the laid-back Taco Bar to compliment.

Gabrielle's pick:

Can't go wrong with a simple chicken taco. Except, it only sounds simple, because this staple is packed with A+ flavor from the achiote rub to the tomato chile salsa on top. Paired with Jarritos mango soda, a Mexican thirst quencher, this is a combo you'll want for future reference. 


If you have an Instagram, you've probably heard of this trendy and poppin' brunch spot, combining American classics (like waffles) with Mediterranean touches (like Green Shakshuka). Step into this West Village restaurant for the food, come out feeling like family. And feeling like you'll never have a Hemingway Daiquiri that good anywhere else. 

Gabrielle's pick:

A decadent rose water waffle paired with refreshing watermelon juice, resulting for a meal to savor as summer comes to an end.


Only two years young, El Luchador opened in 2014 after renovating a once-horse stable. Their signature touch: a 1960s Airstream with tables and chairs to equip the eager foodies looking for some authentic "Mexican street food with a So-Cal flair". 

Gabrielle's pick:

An "amazing chicken burrito" matched with another mango Jarritos soda, which is to be noted as her "favorite drink ever". Burritos (and Jarritos) or Bust. 

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Burritos or Bust

Thanks to Gabrielle for collaborating with us for this post! All images credited to her. Make sure to keep up with Gabrielle's adventures and go here to check out more of her photography. 

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