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Pyknic French Fries Bikini: The "Fries Before Guys" Swimsuit

by Stephen Thompson |

Pyknic French Fries Bikini Fries Before Guys Frite Swimsuit Fries Underwear

We have designed a brand new French Fries two-piece bikini just in time for the summer and it's now available in our shop. What a time to be alive! 

French Fries Bra Swimsuit Bikini Top by Pyknic

Pyknic Frites Bikini French Fries Before Guys Swimsuit

You might be smothered in delicious, crispy french fries in this swimsuit however you won't have to wait 30 minutes before swimming. Our only warning is that you might be a target for seagulls (just kidding... but this is a disclaimer just in case)!

French Fries Before Guys Swimsuit for WomenGet the look HERE.

Photography by: Maddy Welk / Model: Cassie Giuliano.