About Us

  Video shot by Alyson Leonard

Look at you clicking on the About page, right on. You either appreciate a quirky saying, are a die-hard foodie, or someone who can't help but be curious about this brand called Pyknic. So, who are wePyknic is a quirky food-centric apparel and quality lifestyle goods brand. From graphic t-shirts featuring food puns, pizza bikinis, macaroni & cheese socks, down to mugs advocating weekends being for waffles, we’ve got you covered from head to toe, literally, in the foods we adore and that bring us all together.
What's more is each shirt is proudly printed by hand using eco-friendly processes and inks in Lancaster, PA - USA. Besides spreading the food vibes, our mission is to inspire fellow creatives and open minded folks with our rebellious spirit and hardworking ethic. What once began with hand-drawn t-shirts in a college apartment has evolved into an array of genuine goods that are a byproduct of both the fire in our bellies and our unapologetically witty attitude. We want to organically design a world that brings together the free spirits, the dreamers, and the people that love a damn good taco. 


Handmade is the new black and part of the new American attitude. "We cannot live forever but we can create something that will.” 

We officially opened our flagship store on July 9th, 2016 in our hometown of Downingtown, PA. The shop was designed with Chester County’s rustic charm and Downingtown’s industrial history in mind as we’re situated amongst ruins of mills that produced jacket liners for Air Force bomber jackets during World War II as well as Kentucky Jeans. Our flagship store offers our full selection of Pyknic products in addition to a very curated selection of food-themed items from other artisans and small businesses with similar aesthetic and spirit. 

Tuesday - Friday : 10 am - 5 pm
Saturday - Sunday  : 11 am - 3 pm
Monday : CLOSED

Photo by: Andrew Marshall