7 of the Hottest Food Trends Right Now

7 of the Hottest Food Trends Right Now

Trend forecasting has been a full-time job in the fashion business for a few years, and now its made its way into the food industry. Some of the hottest foods below have been predicted by trend forecasters and are now taking over social media and restaurants worldwide. 

Rainbow Bagels 

Photo credit: @thebagelstore on Instagram

The Bagel Store's video of how they made their famous colorful bagels went viral on Facebook, and since has probably blown up your feed a few times. Trip to Brooklyn to snag a few dozen, anyone? 

Raindrop Cake

Photo credit: seventeen.com 

Looks cool, but tastes like water. It's worth it for the gram'. 

Giant Milkshakes 

Photo credit: @blacktapnyc on Instagram 

Gone are the days of plain vanilla and chocolate with whip cream and a cherry, now it's completely normal to have scoops of ice cream and a doughnut on top of your shake. 


Photo credit: mnn.com 

With multiple health benefits including limiting joint pains matched with anti-inflammatory properties (AKA goodbye upset stomachs), tumeric is sure to be the new staple spice in your cabinet.

Vegan Ice Cream 

Photo credit: huffingtonpost.com 

When Ben & Jerry's hops on this train, you know it's going to be around for a while. Healthy and dessert? We ain't complaining. 

Sushi Burgers 

Photo credit: eatthis.com

Anyone with a bucket list will need to try sushi burgers. Using rice as the bun and filling the middle with all the sushi goodness we love - this is a trend to keep bookmarked. 

Acai Bowls 

Photo credit: @haleiwabowls on Instagram

They may not be new to the food scene, but acai bowls are still a social media and health-craze favorite. People are always finding new ways to jazz them up, making them a long-lasting, worth-the-hype trend. 

Keep an eye out for more trends on the food horizon, and when one goes to bite the crust, another will pop up just in time for dinner. 

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