A Day with Skyler from NYC Dining: Underwest Donuts

A Day with Skyler from NYC Dining: Underwest Donuts

Dashing around New York City with a foodie on a mission was on the agenda this week as our photographer Andrew alongside Skyler from @nycdining on Instagram made their way to Underwest Donuts. Located in Hell's Kitchen on W 47th St, this is no ordinary doughnut shop. 

With a kitchen counter inside of a car wash, this is to be noted as Skyler's favorite, #1, MVP doughnut shop in all of New York. It's not just a one-stop shop, it's an experience that according to Skyler will "ignite all the sparks on your tastebuds". 

So, like, moving upstairs ASAP? 

Popular flavors include Maple Waffle, Coco Raspberry, and Mulled Cider. But trust the foodie Instagram queen and go for the brown butter doughnut - simple, yet powered with flavor. 

If you're looking for a different kind of no regrets-sugar explosion-good vibes only experience, then Underwest Donuts is your place. Make sure to stop on by and recreate the shoot for yourself sporting our "Donut Kill My Vibe" tee. No worries, it's crumb proof. 

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