July 19, 2017

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Doug the Pug: King of Pop Culture and Lover of Food (Mostly Pizza and Donuts)

Doug the Pug in a Pizza Bikini - Pizzakini

Being owners of a couple of pugs and avid users of Instagram, it didn't take long for us to stumble across Doug the Pug. The Nashville native is an internet sensation, winning the hearts of over 9 million followers across his social media with his light-hearted and pop culturally relevant photos.

Besides being a New York Times Best Seller, his spoof videos of Stranger Things, Beauty & The Beast, and Spider-Pug, to name a few, have been featured on NBC's The Today Show and all over the internet / social media with over 1 Billion Facebook Video views. Doug has been the star of music videos by Fall Out Boy and Joe Jonas' new group DNCE. He even has a new coloring book out... what doesn't this six-year-old pug do?!



See more of his videos on Youtube.

Follow @itsdougthepug on Instagram.

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Pizza Bikini: HERE.

Over Worked Under Caffeinated Mug: HERE.



July 18, 2017

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Clothes & Pizza - City Slickers Take on Mountain Living

Pyknic Lasagna Del Rey Tee on Fashion Blogger, @clothesandpizza

hi, i am abby (@clothesandpizza). i wore red cowboy boots & a vintage wedding dress on my kindergarten class picture day and i've been playing dress up ever since. i'm a big fan of vintage hunting, designer sales, and chowing down on a slice (deep dish for life).

@clothesandpizza for Pyknic in Colorado

If you follow my Instagram, you probably know that a few weeks ago we flew to Colorado to spend some time in the mountains with our dear friends. My huzb grew up in Denver, so we try to get out there a few times a year. We drove from Denver to our friends' mountain house near Bailey and stayed there over 4th of July weekend. Four days of unreliable wifi was both a blessing and a curse. But we ate some insanely good food (two words: breakfast nachos) and got into a fair share of liquor-fueled-shenanigans. Thank you to our talented buds who cooked for us!

@clothesandpizza hiking the mountains in colorado

Vintage Red Pickup Truck in Colorado mountains

I'm not a big "jeans and a tee" gal on a daily basis, so it's always difficult for me to pack for trips like this. I love the Wet-Hot-American-Summer-vibe of the ringer tee—something about being in nature always takes me back to summer camp. Thankfully this experience had less mosquito bites and cabin pranks. I love that this tee would also work with some wide leg jeans, printed flares, or even overalls. The shirt itself is super soft, and also holds up really well in the wash (although I can't wait for it to show some wear and tear).

Pyknic Soul Food Vintage Style Comfy Crewneck Sweatshirt Jumper

When the sun goes down in the mountains it gets a little chilly so I threw on this typographic sweatshirt. I think crewneck sweatshirts look way more polished than hoodies. Hoodies kind of remind me of high school, or like, tech bros. I think crewnecks can look really slick—especially when they're simple yet graphic like this one. Maybe it's the graphic designer in me, but I love the simplicity of a blank canvas with clean typography.

Pyknic Soul Food Vintage Style The South Crewneck Sweatshirt



See more of her styling at ClothesandPizza.com.

Follow @clothesandpizza on Instagram.



Lasagna Del Rey Ringer Tee: HERE.

Soul Food Crewneck: HERE.

October 26, 2016

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New Fall 2016 Lookbook

Pyknic Donuts Lookbook Photo

These are just a few of our favorite shots of model @ChaelChip that our photographer Ashley Jensen took for our new Fall 2016 Lookbook. Say what you want about fashion but in our eyes, it is about fun and expressing yourself in that manner. I think that's evident with this quirky statement tee with our 'I Only Brought My Appetite' slogan. Perfect for Thanksgiving!

Pyknic Soul Food Crew Lookbook

Nothing accompanies our food themed t-shirts and sweatshirts better than ALL THE FOOD!

Pyknic Hope They Serve Tacos in Hell Dolman Lookbook

But we do love seeing our vintage-inspired graphic tops layered with denim jackets, vintage motorcycle jackets, and flannels. They add another layer of personality to any outfit.

Find the full lookbook: HERE.


How do you style our goods?  Hashtag #PYKNIC on Instagram and inspire us!

A Day with Skyler from NYC Dining: Underwest Donuts

Dashing around New York City with a foodie on a mission was on the agenda this week as our photographer Andrew alongside Skyler from @nycdining on Instagram made their way to Underwest Donuts. Located in Hell's Kitchen on W 47th St, this is no ordinary doughnut shop. 

With a kitchen counter inside of a car wash, this is to be noted as Skyler's favorite, #1, MVP doughnut shop in all of New York. It's not just a one-stop shop, it's an experience that according to Skyler will "ignite all the sparks on your tastebuds". 

So, like, moving upstairs ASAP? 

Popular flavors include Maple Waffle, Coco Raspberry, and Mulled Cider. But trust the foodie Instagram queen and go for the brown butter doughnut - simple, yet powered with flavor. 

If you're looking for a different kind of no regrets-sugar explosion-good vibes only experience, then Underwest Donuts is your place. Make sure to stop on by and recreate the shoot for yourself sporting our "Donut Kill My Vibe" tee. No worries, it's crumb proof. 

Our Donut Kill My Vibe Women's Tees are Now on Modcloth!

Pyknic Donut Kill My Vibe - Carbe Diem T-shirt now available at Modcloth

Our Donut Kill My Vibe Tee is also now available through one of our favorite retailers, Modcloth. It's hand printed using eco-friendly waterbased ink on a super comfy, vintage-inspired dolman tee. There's no better feeling than putting on an already broken-in tee with a print that you can't feel. Have you ever put on a stiff t-shirt with a print that feels like thick sandpaper? Yeah... you aren't getting that from us!

Pyknic Donut Kill My Vibe Tshirt Modcloth Carbe Diem Tee

This fun donut t-shirt features a grim reaper, a box of donuts, and a "Donut Kill My Vibe" food pun. What else could you possibly want? Oh right, an actual box of donuts to accompany it. That part is on you!

Pyknic Donut Kill My Vibe Tshirt Modcloth Carbe Diem Tee

Pyknic Donut Kill My Vibe Tshirt Modcloth Carbe Diem Tee

Pyknic Donut Kill My Vibe Tshirt Modcloth Carbe Diem Tee

Photography by: Maddy Welk / Model: Brittany G.


@emilyrosehannon styles her favorite pyknic dolman tees

Emily Rose Hannon @emilyrosehannon styles Pyknic Pancakes Please Womens Dolman Tee

Recently Emily Rose Hannon (@emilyrosehannon on Instagram) styled some of her personal favorite Pyknic women's dolman tees in her own aesthetic. Her "must-have" picks included the Pancakes Please t-shirt, above, and Over Worked Under Caffeinated tee, below.

emilyrosehannon in the overworked under caffeinated tshirt by pyknic

Make sure to give the fashionable Emily a follow at @emilyrosehannon on Instagram!


December 03, 2015

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Pyknic Fall 2015 Lookbook

Our new Fall 2015 Lookbook is now up and available for your viewing pleasure HERE with photography by ashleigh amoroso. The set includes some of our latest tees, vintage-inspired crewnecks, funky food socks, and beanies shot around the city of Austin, Texas.

October 31, 2015

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Pyknic Costume Inspiration for this Halloween

All Black Everything Black Cat Sweatshirt

Ashleigh curated the perfect Halloween costume using our NEW All Black Everything Crewneck Sweatshirt ( get yours HERE ). Sticking to that theme, she accented it with a pair of skinny black denim, military-inspired black boots, a black travel mug, and a black cat half-mask. Stylish yet comfy and it'll keep you warm on a chilly Halloween night. Most importantly all of the pieces, well maybe not the mask, can be used throughout the year.

Eat (black candy), Drink (black coffee), & Be Scary!

Black Cats and Black Coffee Sweatshirt by Pyknic

Photo: ashleigh amoroso.

Brand New Styles

Pyknic Nomaste Noms Namaste Burger Bones Tee

Nomaste Tee -  Will "downward dog" for a good veggie burger. If namaste is a greeting for people, I'll be busy welcoming all the noms.

Pyknic Follow Your Gut Hot Dog Tee

Follow Your Gut Tee - Follow your gut for all your life decisions, even if it just leads you to the fridge!

Lazy Sundae Tee - Some Sundays you just want to be lazy and melt the day away.

Another One Bites the Crust Skeleton Coffin Sandwich Tee

Another One Bites the Crust - Some sandwiches (with the crust!) are just to die for.


August 11, 2015

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Pancakes Please!

Buttermilk Blackberry Pancakes Please Tee

You are most likely seated if you are at the computer but if you are reading this on the phone, you may want to take a seat. I am going to be completely candid, as a kid I wasn't a fan of breakfast *gasp*. Maybe it was a string of vomiting issues at Denny's to the point they probably had a photo of my face along with a note "don't allow this kid to eat here", that did me in?

Not sure why exactly but if the family was at a diner (not Denny's... I grew up in N.J. so we were full of amazing diners) I'd always opt for the lunch menu no matter what the hour. Even though there were hardly ever any foods I would turn down, besides breakfast obviously, my tastes have matured and evolved with time.

A stack of fluffy, homemade pancakes covered with blackberries, powered sugar, and dripping in syrup mean a lot more to me than the taste or the beauty on its surface. To me, "pancakes" mean family since not many are taking the time to just make a whole stack for themselves. It means the comfort of taking my time on weekend mornings with my wife to prepare the breakfast and enjoying it alongside her and our two pugs, Duncan and Sirius Black. Now I'll never skip a weekend breakfast.

Get the Pancakes Please Tee HERE.

Photo: ashleigh amoroso.