We are Bringing Tacos AND Tequila to Bath & Body

Pyknic Tequila & Lime Artisanal Handmade Taco Food Soap

With a little help (actually... A LOT of help and expertise) from our friends, Damn Handsome Grooming Company, we introduce our first food inspired foray into bath and body: Muchacho Hand Soap.

This artisanal collaboration is infused with hops. Damn Handsome uses the spent grain from the craft brewing process and repurposes it in the soap. This beer waste actually contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are beneficial to the body. One brewer's trash is another man's essential skin care elements!

Our hand soap is small-batch and handcrafted. Most importantly, it is vegan, green conscious, and NEVER tested on animals. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Want your hands to smell like a fresh Margarita? This one is for you, get it HERE.

Our Donut Kill My Vibe Women's Tees are Now on Modcloth!

Pyknic Donut Kill My Vibe - Carbe Diem T-shirt now available at Modcloth

Our Donut Kill My Vibe Tee is also now available through one of our favorite retailers, Modcloth. It's hand printed using eco-friendly waterbased ink on a super comfy, vintage-inspired dolman tee. There's no better feeling than putting on an already broken-in tee with a print that you can't feel. Have you ever put on a stiff t-shirt with a print that feels like thick sandpaper? Yeah... you aren't getting that from us!

Pyknic Donut Kill My Vibe Tshirt Modcloth Carbe Diem Tee

This fun donut t-shirt features a grim reaper, a box of donuts, and a "Donut Kill My Vibe" food pun. What else could you possibly want? Oh right, an actual box of donuts to accompany it. That part is on you!

Pyknic Donut Kill My Vibe Tshirt Modcloth Carbe Diem Tee

Pyknic Donut Kill My Vibe Tshirt Modcloth Carbe Diem Tee

Pyknic Donut Kill My Vibe Tshirt Modcloth Carbe Diem Tee

Photography by: Maddy Welk / Model: Brittany G.


December 03, 2015

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Death Before Decaf Coffee Mugs

Death Before Decaf Coffee Skull Mug

Death Before Decaf is one of our most popular designs and this holiday season we decided to honor it by taking a step further and turning it into a mug! We had seen photos of our friends all over the world putting our Death Before Decaf Stickers on their own mugs, travel mugs etc., so this is now a more permanent, dishwasher-safe option for them. It is ceramic and holds 11 oz of coffee, tea, or even hot cocoa but certainly, positively, DOES NOT hold any decaf fluids.

Socks to Not Have These Crazy & Fun Food Socks!

Fun Food Socks. Crazy Socks. Mac N Cheese Socks. Macaroni and Cheese Socks We have just cooked up some Mac and Cheese Socks in the kitchen and they're now available HERE. They are comfy, cotton crew socks with padding on the soles for added comfort. Side note, we use unsweetened almond milk in our mac 'n cheese!

french fries crazy fun food socks

We also just restocked our ever-popular French Fries Socks but this time with a different recipe. This isn't like a "New Coke" type of change but one for the better! They are now on the comfortable, cushioned cotton crew socks as well with the black Pyknic toe caps. Get yours HERE.

Favorite thing to dip fries in? Honey Mustard.

Photos: ashleigh amoroso.

Fresh Out the Kitchen: "HOLY GUACAMOLE"

Pyknic Holy Guacamole Guac Avocado T-shirt There is nothing more sacred when it comes to food than guacamole because there's nothing worse than bad guacamole, especially when the "guac is extra".

We are over here in the Atlantic Northeast battening down the hatches and making tons of guacamole in preparation for a weekend spent inside with Netflix as the possibility of the impending "Hurricane Guac-uin" literally lingers over us. We will probably also make 12 cups of coffee prior too since the power will most likely go out.

Anyways, in celebration of the holy grail of guac and the infamous phrase usually emitted hopefully during good surprises, we bring to you "HOLY GUACAMOLE"! Get yours today: HERE.

Brand New Styles

Pyknic Nomaste Noms Namaste Burger Bones Tee

Nomaste Tee -  Will "downward dog" for a good veggie burger. If namaste is a greeting for people, I'll be busy welcoming all the noms.

Pyknic Follow Your Gut Hot Dog Tee

Follow Your Gut Tee - Follow your gut for all your life decisions, even if it just leads you to the fridge!

Lazy Sundae Tee - Some Sundays you just want to be lazy and melt the day away.

Another One Bites the Crust Skeleton Coffin Sandwich Tee

Another One Bites the Crust - Some sandwiches (with the crust!) are just to die for.


NEW Weekends are for Waffles Slightly Cropped Tank

Weekends are for Waffles just as Trix are for Kids, simple as that. If you want to get more complicated, weekends are also for skinny dipping at your favorite secret swimming hole but please make sure you wait a half an hour after eating those waffles!

But back to the waffles, nothing beats waking up knowing that there's nothing major, like work, on the agenda for the day and you can finally take your time with breakfast. You pull out the ole waffle iron that now has some grit and patina to it from weekends' past and start whipping up some homemade waffle batter. You know, the perfect batter that will have a slightly crispy outside with a light & fluffy inside once gently pressed between the iron. Now the crucial part is spreading on that Earth Balance so that it gets in each crevice then pouring organic, pure maple syrup all over the stack of warm goodness.

Well, I think we just sold you on making waffles this weekend now. But hey, if you want to be dressed properly for the occasion (pajama bottoms certainly welcome and acceptable), get your favorite cut of our Weekends Are For Waffles HERE. This includes our brand new, "slightly" cropped (to fit all ladies) tank which is pictured above.

Photo: ashleigh amoroso.


Last year we put out our infamous and original Pizza Bikini. It was so popular that we had to bring it back again for another summer but this time it wouldn't just return on its own as we have released the NEW two-piece Sprinkles Bikini.

Our friend and photographer, Blake Cortes, caught Maria Weimann bringing the sweet bikini to life in Florida recently...

And it turns out our Weekends for Waffles Racerback Tank can also function as the perfect cover-up.


We are always pushing the envelope over here when it comes to wearable food and art for that matter. The latest creation out of our "kitchen" is the Pizza Bikini, as worn above by Miss Malibu 2012, Brittany McGowan. Sounds like something Mugatu from Zoolander would have designed, right? We're on that level right now.

Cheese, pepperoni, and red sauce make up the pizza print on this stylish swimsuit and we can assure you no animals were harmed in the making of the bikini! So what are you waiting for? You'll be the hottest thing on the beach or poolside since... pizza!