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Philadelphia Woodcraft Co Outfits Pyknic Office and Flagship

We are getting our new Downingtown, PA office space and flagship in order and who better to assist in outfitting the space than good friend, wood aficionado, and young entrepreneur, Joe Malseed of Philadelphia Woodcraft Co. Joe left a general contracting gig and set out on his own with a passion of using reclaimed wood that he salvages from abandoned buildings, factories, row homes, and even churches. Not only is using salvaged wood a great sustainable practice but he's also preserving the historical significance of each joist and floorboard that he uses and breathes new life into.   Malseed started small, reusing materials to create handmade flower boxes, picture frames, and cutting boards. Restaurants and companies quickly took notice and his products quickly grew into custom furniture, book shelves, tables, conference tables, entire bars, and more. Prominent Philadelphia establishments like Morgan's Pier, Honey Grow, and The Electric Factory, to name a few, have found the value and amazing craftsmanship in what he's creating in both Philadelphia and Brooklyn, New York. Philadelphia Woodcraft Co. put together and delivered this reclaimed oak communal desk for our office. The quality of this table is supreme, better than anything you could ever purchase at a store. The thick oak top was handmade from oak that was salvaged from a Kensington factory that was demolished. The welded steel legs were also custom and cleverly drew inspiration from an actual picnic table. There really is no better feeling knowing that it's not only a piece of history but also something made from the hands of our very good friend. I don't think you can put a value on that. This table will be perfect for our team to work at since we do not believe in cubicles here! The reason for a workplace is to have everyone work together and collaborate rather than feel isolated. There were these awful white drop ceiling tiles hanging in the front of the building where we plan on having our flagship showroom. Philadelphia Woodcraft Co. created the original concept of using reclaimed lath as a beautiful and interesting alternative. Genius! Joe is assisted by his right-hand man, Tim, on the job and the duo uses Dewalt tools. As someone who once thought they'd be a history teacher, preserving history is very important to our brand. Taking nods from the past, whether culture, attitude, art, and music, is what has grown Pyknic into what it is today. It is even why our shirts have that vintage-inspire feel. Being eco-friendly is equally important to us which is why we use "green" processes and inks when printing our goods. That being said, we figured that our office and flagship should be a reflection of that and fully embody the brand. I can't thank Philadelphia Woodcraft Co. enough for their help in getting us in order and helping us meet our goals with the utmost beauty and quality. Whether your a business (retail store, restaurant, barber shop, tattoo parlor, etc.) or even a homeowner, I highly recommend hiring them. We still have some work ahead to get this place ready to open to the public but stay tuned!