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Sarah Loven of Ready Gypset Go

Sarah Loven of is a firm believer that "to travel is live". She and her husband acquired a vintage '72 Airstream, named it "Flo", and took their lives to the open road. The two creatives seek adventure and new experiences as they roam the back roads of America. Inspiration for their photography, cinematography, writing, and music is bountiful. Sarah feels most at home while on the road where she is free; free from the "normal life" of having a boss and working in a hamster cage of a cubicle or even just having to pay the rent. Since when have these things become the normal expectations of existence in this life or dare we even say, "The American Dream"? "Once I get a good idea in my head, I have to go for it. And I'll be damned if someone tells me I can't. The moment you listen to everyone else, you lose your purpose." Follow Sarah Loven on Instagram at @sarahloven and her blog, You can get the Weekends are for Waffles Top she styled HERE and Death Before Decaf Beanie HERE.