worKS Kennett Square Pennsylvania - Our Second IRL Outpost

worKS Kennett Square Pennsylvania Artists, Artisan Makers Collaborative Retail Space

Back in September not only were we juggling our webstore as well as our new brick-n-mortar flagship location in Downingtown, PA but we were also in the process of opening a second outpost at worKS Kennett Square.

works kennett square ksq local made in pennsylvania

We've always loved the cute and artsy town of Kennett Square which also happens to be just as quirky as us with its annual "Mushroom Festival". When Tara over at worKS approached us with the opportunity to be part of a collaborative community of artisans & makers that we admired in a restored 1950s garage turned into a retail space it was a done deal.

Pyknic at worKS Kennett Square in the Philly Suburbs Artists of The Main Line

This time last year we were just an online store and we were buried in the catacombs of the digital highway without any human interaction but now Pyknic is tangible. By visiting our retail spaces you can not only get a feel for our apparel and food lifestyle goods IRL (definition: in real life) but also get a grasp of the brand's culture.

worKS Kennett Square - Retail Shopping in KSQ Kennett Square Chester County PA

This past year has been tremendous thanks to all of your support, whether locally, nationally, or across the globe. Martha and I can only hope we continue to grow our small business in 2017. We'd love to meet all of you so make sure to stop by one of our retail stores or one of the holiday markets we're part of this winter!

worKS: 432 S. Walnut St. Kennett Square, PA 19348

Open: Thursday from 4 - 7pm & Friday - Sunday from 11 - 5pm.

April 06, 2016

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Philadelphia Woodcraft Co Outfits Pyknic Office and Flagship

Joe Malseed of Fishtown's Philadelphia Woodcraft Co. Custom Reclaimed Woodworking

We are getting our new Downingtown, PA office space and flagship in order and who better to assist in outfitting the space than good friend, wood aficionado, and young entrepreneur, Joe Malseed of Philadelphia Woodcraft Co. Joe left a general contracting gig and set out on his own with a passion of using reclaimed wood that he salvages from abandoned buildings, factories, row homes, and even churches. Not only is using salvaged wood a great sustainable practice but he's also preserving the historical significance of each joist and floorboard that he uses and breathes new life into.


Philadelphia Woodcraft Company Reclaimed Wood Salvage Wood Oak Picnic Table

Malseed started small, reusing materials to create handmade flower boxes, picture frames, and cutting boards. Restaurants and companies quickly took notice and his products quickly grew into custom furniture, book shelves, tables, conference tables, entire bars, and more. Prominent Philadelphia establishments like Morgan's Pier, Honey Grow, and The Electric Factory, to name a few, have found the value and amazing craftsmanship in what he's creating in both Philadelphia and Brooklyn, New York.

Custom Oak Reclaimed Wood Picnic Table for the Pyknic Office

Philadelphia Woodcraft Co. put together and delivered this reclaimed oak communal desk for our office. The quality of this table is supreme, better than anything you could ever purchase at a store. The thick oak top was handmade from oak that was salvaged from a Kensington factory that was demolished. The welded steel legs were also custom and cleverly drew inspiration from an actual picnic table. There really is no better feeling knowing that it's not only a piece of history but also something made from the hands of our very good friend. I don't think you can put a value on that.

This table will be perfect for our team to work at since we do not believe in cubicles here! The reason for a workplace is to have everyone work together and collaborate rather than feel isolated.

Philadelphia Woodcraft Co Originates Using Lath As a Drop Ceiling TIle Alternative

There were these awful white drop ceiling tiles hanging in the front of the building where we plan on having our flagship showroom. Philadelphia Woodcraft Co. created the original concept of using reclaimed lath as a beautiful and interesting alternative. Genius!

Salvaged Lath as a Drop Ceiling Tile Replacement Originated by Philadelphia Woodcraft Co of Fishtown

Joe Malseed of Philadelphia Woodcraft Co Replacing a Drop Ceiling with Salvaged Lath Wood

Dewalt Tools Mitre Saw in Downingtown, PA and used by Philadelphia Woodcraft Co

Philadelphia Woodcraft Co of Fishtown uses reclaimed lath wood as drop ceiling alternative

Joe Malseed of Philadelphia Woodcraft Co using Lath to replace drop ceiling tiles

Philadelphia Woodcraft Co. Tim Using a Dewalt Saw in Downingtown, PA

Joe is assisted by his right-hand man, Tim, on the job and the duo uses Dewalt tools.

Rustic Wener Ladder and Reclaimed Lath Wood

As someone who once thought they'd be a history teacher, preserving history is very important to our brand. Taking nods from the past, whether culture, attitude, art, and music, is what has grown Pyknic into what it is today. It is even why our shirts have that vintage-inspire feel. Being eco-friendly is equally important to us which is why we use "green" processes and inks when printing our goods. That being said, we figured that our office and flagship should be a reflection of that and fully embody the brand.

I can't thank Philadelphia Woodcraft Co. enough for their help in getting us in order and helping us meet our goals with the utmost beauty and quality. Whether your a business (retail store, restaurant, barber shop, tattoo parlor, etc.) or even a homeowner, I highly recommend hiring them.

We still have some work ahead to get this place ready to open to the public but stay tuned!

January 27, 2016

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Handmade Rubber Stamp DIY Business Cards

Pyknic Hand Stamped Business Cards on Recycled Handmade Kraft Paper

As Pool Tradeshow rapidly approaches, we're busy preparing new samples, designing our booth, arranging travel, and creating marketing materials for store buyers. This includes making business cards with our new fork & knife and pyknic type logos. Rather than running a ton of business cards off at a big-box store, we're patiently sitting here using good ole ink and rubber stamps, the old fashion way. The cards themselves are actually handmade recycled kraft paper from the USA. The devil's in the details and from the wear of the ink down to the quality of the paper, these cards will be a friendly reminder to the recipient of how hard we have worked to get this far.

December 31, 2015

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we've found a new home.

most brands are tied to a hometown or city but we never truly belonged anywhere, guess you could call us drifters with a lot of belongings (see: two truckloads). when people would ask where we were from, it was hard to pinpoint an exact locale because we had been constantly moving.

well today this all changed. we have proudly planted our roots on the main street of our new hometown in chester county, pa. we just moved-in but still have a lot of decorating to do in order to create an inspirational environment for our new world headquarters. you can bet your ass there's going to be coffee, food, and our pugs around. 2016 will have a fresh start. new energy in a location with the possibility of collaboration, maybe some retail, and who knows, maybe even a family meal with some of you fine folks?

stay tuned and please bear with us while we get settled!

November 28, 2015

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Why #ShopSmall...

Duncan the Pug from Pyknic

we are so thankful for all of the support you all have given our #smallbusiness, whether you made a purchase, came out to an event & talked to us in person, rallied behind us when someone copied a design, told a friend about us, or heck, even if you 'liked' a photo on our instagram!

we are living the dream. we are doing what we love. a husband, wife, and two pug team are huddled around a dining table with the daunting, monotonous task of folding, tagging, & bagging a few hundred tees for a retailer on a Saturday and we wouldn't trade it for the world. when you #shopsmall with us you're not only helping our brand grow so that we can keep cooking up new, fun goods but you're having a direct impact on our small family, including keeping our hungry pugs (Duncan pictured above) fed.

you probably don't realize it but you're also affecting the lives of our partners and their families, whether it's our printer Josh, our photographer Ashleigh, or others. not only do they share a similar mindset, work ethic & vision but they are small too! it's a good feeling that we (and you, by default) can pass along the business to other independents & artists so they can continue their craft as well as provide for their loved ones.

in return we all receive a far superior product with a certain craftsmanship that you just can't find at a mall or discount store.

... and "that's what (#smallbusinesssaturday) is all about, charlie brown."


Yours in Food & Funk,