Socks to Not Have These Crazy & Fun Food Socks!

Fun Food Socks. Crazy Socks. Mac N Cheese Socks. Macaroni and Cheese Socks We have just cooked up some Mac and Cheese Socks in the kitchen and they're now available HERE. They are comfy, cotton crew socks with padding on the soles for added comfort. Side note, we use unsweetened almond milk in our mac 'n cheese!

french fries crazy fun food socks

We also just restocked our ever-popular French Fries Socks but this time with a different recipe. This isn't like a "New Coke" type of change but one for the better! They are now on the comfortable, cushioned cotton crew socks as well with the black Pyknic toe caps. Get yours HERE.

Favorite thing to dip fries in? Honey Mustard.

Photos: ashleigh amoroso.

Stephen Thompson
Stephen Thompson


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