A Day with Skyler from NYC Dining: Prince Street Pizza

A Day with Skyler from NYC Dining: Prince Street Pizza

Last but not least on our foodie expedition with Skyler was to Prince Street Pizza, located conveniently next to Tacombi, home to our favorite tacos. Going in for seconds never tasted so good, or so international. Known for their pepperoni square pizza, this is a slice you can't refuse. 

Pizza is offered in 10", 14", or 18" slices, with options such as the Veggimus Maximus, with all the veggie toppings you could want (or fit) on a slice, or if you're a meat eater - The Nashville Hot Chicken, quite the opposite and just as delicious. Go for Skyler's favorite which truly puts our "I Like Pizza More Than I Like People" tee to life: the pepperoni square.

Here's what she had to say and decide for yourself what your pick will be, "Oh bless the souls behind their square pepperoni slice! While all of Prince St. Pizza's slices are top-notch, the pepperoni square is true perfection. The pepperonis, or what I like to call, crispy trampolines that bounce you to heaven, are just divine." 

Need we say more?

Thanks to Skyler (@nycdining) for showing us your go-to eateries in the concrete jungle, and Andrew (@themarshan1) for capturing the shots. Be sure to get caught up on the rest of our series here and here.

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