PRESS: Pyknic Always Down 4 Tacos Tee in ELLE Magazine & Pizza Socks Food and Wine Magazine

Pyknic Always Down 4 Tacos Tee in ELLE Magazine Always Down For Tacos Tshirt Jersey

Recently we were found our "Always Down for Tacos" Jersey Tee in the famous fashion magazine, Elle (Sweden). 

Pizza Socks Food and Wine Magazine FwX Pyknic

Also our very popular Pizza Socks made an appearance in Food & Wine Magazine's FWx. There's no better way to show your love of pizza than these fun and crazy socks.

Cooking Channel's Eden Eats Wearing Pyknic

Cooking Channel's Eden Grinshpan of "Eden Eats" was spotted this morning wearing our "Eat Now Diet Later" Muscle Tee on VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live hosted by Nick Lachey. Grinshpan graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in London with the "Grande Diplome" in both Pastry & Cuisine and now travels the world taking viewers of "Eden Eats" on 24-hour food adventures in each city. Make sure to visit


Chef Mary Mattern is a plant-based chef, food artist, lover of vegetables, cookbook author, and instagrammer @NomYourself. Only 28 years old and from New York, Mary has toured with Ellie Goulding as her personal chef, has been a sous chef alongside some famous chefs, and has even cooked for our favorite agent, Ari Gold of HBO’s Entourage (a.k.a. Jeremy Piven in real life).


Mary stumbled into veganism two years ago while teaching herself to cook. Yes, that’s right, she is self-taught and did not have any formal training or schooling. While excluding meat and dairy from her recipes so that they wouldn’t be heavy, Mattern realized that she was both creating and eating vegan dishes. It was a feasible lifestyle for her plus she was doing good by not using any animal by-products.


Mattern also self-published Nom Yourself: The Cookbook, which sold-out as paperback but is still available as an e-book. It contains recipes for Tofu Scramble Crostinis down to donuts and has been given rave reviews from Ellie Goulding, Tony Kanal of No Doubt, and Ruth Tal, the founder of Fresh Restaurants & a best-selling vegan cookbook author.


Everyone has their own interpretations of our shirts and that is what we love about our brand. People not only take the words to heart in ways that represent them but also style our shirts to fit their look & lifestyle. On our “Too Many Crooks” tee we’ve heard everything from people working alongside parolees in restaurants to wearing it to make a statement against big food business pumping out food containing GMOs. 

Mary’s interpretation of our Eat Now Diet Later Tee was, “Don’t diet. Just eat all the fruits and vegetables you want, all of the time”.

Recently Nom Yourself signed with The Agency Group. We are really excited to what the future holds for this young & hungry planted-based powerhouse.

PRESS: Pyknic I Like Pizza More Than I Like People Tee Featured on BuzzFeed

I Like Pizza More Than I Like People Tee BuzzFeed Pyknic Pizza Tee

BuzzFeed has the hottest, most social content on the web. They feature breaking buzz and the kinds of things you'd want to pass along to your friends which is why we are beyond honored that decided to feature our "I Like Pizza More Than I Like People" Tee today on their list of 17 Essential Products Every Pizza Lover Needs in their Life. We're #16!


Our very good friends, The Philly Vegans [@PhillyVegans or] recently showed us how to make Vegan Buffalo Dip which is perfect for any occasion: a party, a picnic, or even just for a snack around the house.


Vegan Buffalo Chicken Dip
Serves party of 8

1 package Beyond Meat Chicken-Free Strips – Lightly Seasoned
1 package (8 ounces) Vegan Cream Cheese (any variety works)
½ cup Hot Sauce (I use Texas Pete because of its lower, but still high, sodium content)
½ cup Ranch Dressing (see recipe below)
½ cup Daiya Shreds (either cheddar or pepper jack)

Vegan Ranch Dressing
Yields 1/2 cup

1/4 cup Vegan Mayo (I prefer Hampton Creek Just Mayo)
1/4 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk (I use Whole Foods 365 brand – carrageenan-free)
1 teaspoon Onion Powder
1 teaspoon Garlic Powder
½ teaspoon black pepper


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Combine all ingredients until smooth in medium baking dish.
  3. Bake for 20 minutes or until everything is melty and hot.
  4. Serve with your favorite vegetables, crackers or my personal favorite, a sliced multi-grain french baguette.  Hell! You can serve this dip with anything, it could make cardboard taste good.
  5. Enjoy… while it lasts!

Find our Vegan / Vegetarian Tees & Tanks: HERE.



Becoming recent fans of "Best Bars in America", a show on Esquire, comedians/hosts Jay Larson and Sean Patton reintroduced us to the Tiki Bar via their stops in cities across the nation. We have an affinity for anything Polynesian due to time spent in Maui, Hawaii and Disney's Polynesian Resort. A "Tiki Bar" is typically outfitted with Polynesian decor and serves elaborate, tropical cocktails. When we heard about the opening of "The Yachtsman" at 1444 Frankford Ave in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia it was imperative that we paid tribute to the Moai.

The Yachtsman is a product of the same people that brought you PYT Burger, one of our favorite spots for a burger in the city (you must try a Doh! Nut Burger). Inside the Fishtown bar you'll find a Moai Head, Hula Girl, bamboo, thatching, and more retro tiki-kitsch decor. No detail was forgotten but you'll easily forget what city you're actually in.

One of The Yachtsman's signature drinks is the "Caribe Welcome Coconut", which is served in a fresh, young green coconut. The Mai Tai (pictured above) is served in a ceramic tiki mug and accompanied with a parasol and a plastic sword! Don't forget to order a round of Rivertowne Hala Kahiki (Hah-lah-kah-hee-kee). Properly labeled as "nectar from the Gods", the Hala Kahiki is a pineapple beer, or "liquid aloha", in a 12 oz. can.

We definitely recommend The Yachtsman, our new favorite spot in Philadelphia.

EAT LIKE A LOCAL HAWAII - Best Maui Breakfast Food

When we set sail for Hawaii the itinerary most importantly called for native cuisine. A general rule of thumb is that if you are going to the right places there is nothing fancy, gimmicky, or pretentious about it, just honest food and hardworking folk. Once this belief becomes part of your “eating ethics” you will realize that food culture is the best out in Hawaii. 

There are highly touted eateries on the island, primarily in the resort areas like Wailea, with award-winning chefs from “The Mainland” creating their pricey takes on local dishes but that is not what we were after on this adventure. That is not what you should be after either if you are reading this and frequent our website. Sure “Maui’s Best” Italian Restaurant, Tommy Bahamas, or Outback Steakhouse might be a great occasional option for an actual Maui inhabitant (ok, well maybe not the latter) but none should be a suggestion for a hungry guest of the island. Quickly this trip could take a turn for the worse, closely resembling ostentatious Las Vegas white-cloth dining that resorts are trying to force-feed tourists. This is not Hawaii and if something you read or someone tells you differently, take a few steps back and proceed to run away. No cost of a meal can buy authenticity, always keep that in mind. 

Wailea is primarily a luxury resort community which is great for the beach, hotel, golf, and other various amenities but when it comes to food you are going to have to leave the confines that keep out the local eateries & businesses.

Buttermilk Banana Macadamia Nut Pancakes Stella Blues Cafe' Best Breakfast in Maui, Kihei, Hawaii

Stella Blues Cafe - Kihei, HI) 

A short 5 minute drive out of Wailea on South Kihei Road leads to the Stella Blues Cafe, a great first spot for breakfast. "Stella Blue" sound familiar? ‘The Dead’ inspired the name of this cafe as well as some of the interior’s decor, down to the tie dye shirts worn by the wait staff. The 'Deadhead’ family originally opened the first bagel shop on Maui but no one knew what a bagel was. They moved on and opened “Stella Blues Cafe” to fill the gap between low and high end dining. 

A full stack of Buttermilk Banana Macadamia Nut Pancakes are the best way to get warmed up for the Hawaiian flavors to come in a week-long excursion. These light, fluffy cakes the size of your skull are full of fresh banana slices, chock full of macadamia nuts, and come with two servings of the smooth, sweet coconut syrup. 

Stella Blues Cafe' Tofu Scramble Best Breakfast in Maui, Kihei, Hawaii

Stella Blues also has vegetarian options on their menu such as the Tofu Scramble. When you order they have to warn you that there are no eggs, presumably because some who have ordered were disappointed to find the scrambled sans the eggs. The half-inch tofu cubes have replaced the egg with its similar yet near-perfect consistency in this sautéed mix also including green onions, broccoli and mushrooms. The Tahini Sauce and Monterey Jack cheese becomes the flavorful glue that binds this scramble together.


Sunrise Cafe Best Breakfast in Maui Lahaina, HI

Sunrise Cafe (Lahaina, HI)

Breakfast appetizers do exist at the Sunrise Cafe, a small joint sitting just between a surfer beach and Front Street in West Maui. When you first walk the vibe is like walking into a family’s home kitchen. In fact, there is even an old, white double door refrigerator you will pass when finding your own seat/table in the back room. Do your parents have an credit card machine in their kitchen? No. So make sure you bring cash.

It’s highly suggested that you start with the giant, warm homemade cinnamon roll. It is covered in icing, maple syrup, and macadamia nuts. Balance that out with a healthy and fresh half papaya with cottage cheese & granola filling and you now have most of the food pyramid covered. Now that you have laid a nice base and expanded your stomach, be brave and take on the giant breakfast burrito. Eggs, rice, cheese, papaya, and salsa are somehow contained in a tortilla and are prepared to become your breakfast and lunch.

Sunrise Cafe and most cafes offer the fresh half papaya. It can be served with cottage cheese or yogurt filling sprinkled with granola or just plain with wedges of lime. The squeeze of lime on the papaya really brings out a terrific sweet-tart tropical flavor. It is so simple that it’s stupid.

Kihei Caffe Best Breakfast in Maui Hawaii

Kihei Caffe Best Breakfast in Maui Hawaii

Kihei Caffe (Kihei, HI)

Eating outside is liberating, especially when you are on a sidewalk in a sunny paradise fronting the beach and eating the “Best Breakfast 6 Years in a Row” according to various Maui publications. The Kihei Caffe serves breakfast all day including these thick slices of bread that went swimming amongst egg & milk then came out on the other side as “Heaven on a Plate” or simply Pineapple & Coconut French Toast and Banana Macadamia Nut French Toast. 

When you are so used to mainland diners and their diluted, “muddy” water, poor excuse for coffee (I could go on) they serve, the coffee at Kihei Caffe is going to rock you down to your caffeine yearning core. Rather than serving a Folger’s (or whatever looks passable as brown in a coffee mug), Kihei Caffe treats its guests with a local Maui Oma blend made specifically for the establishment. 


Bust Magazine Pressure Makes Diamonds Crewneck Pizza Diamonds Janelle Monae

Bust Magazine featured our Pizza Diamonds Crewneck in their August/September 2013 issue (featuring Janelle Monae on the cover) on newstands now!

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